Getting Married in Hawaii – Everything You Need to Know

November 30, 2022


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Considering getting married in Hawaii? Look no further! We’ve gathered all the information you need to make your dream destination wedding a reality. Whether you want to exchange vows on a beautiful beach or plan the ultimate venue wedding. Keep reading to find out the where, when, and how of creating the ultimate Hawaii wedding.

We’ve got you covered, from the best beaches to the most popular wedding packages.

Where Should You Get Married In Hawaii? Maui, Oahu, Kauai, or Big Island?

newlyweds in maui

There are four main islands in Hawaii, each of which has its own unique characteristics and features. Together, these islands boast a total of 367 breathtaking beaches. Choosing which island to get married on can feel like trying to decide between precious gemstones – all of the islands are beautiful and unique in their own way. It’s can be hard to choose! So let’s dive into the specific differences and characteristics of each in order to find your perfect location for your wedding:

Getting Married on Oahu

Oahu promises plenty of excitement and adventure for all who choose to say “I do” on Oahu. Oahu, the most populated Hawaiian island, is an ideal destination for many couples looking to experience a mix of luxury and outdoor activities. Sun-soaked streets, luxurious shopping spots, and mesmerizing sandy beaches along the Waikiki strip make up this incredible paradise! With so much variety on offer, from nature hikes to all kinds of beach fun Oahu won’t disappoint anyone on your guest list.

Oahu Population Statistics

# of Beaches on Oahu = 122 named beaches

Size Vs. Population = 596.7 square miles with an estimated population of 986,429. Oahu is only the third-largest island but harbors two-thirds of Hawaii’s total population. 

Rainfall on Oahu = 38 inches a year on average (varies by location)

Oahu has a plethora of beautiful beaches and wedding venues to choose from! It boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! From the picturesque sunset views from Waikiki beach on the Leeward side to the rustic beauty of the North Shore’s white sand beaches, there is a beach on Oahu to suit every taste. With so many beautiful location options and things to explore, getting married in Oahu will be a treat for all your wedding guests.

In addition to these natural wonders, Oahu also has a range of unique venues to choose from, including lush valleys, traditional luaus, and even private beach oases. Oahu wedding venues offer the best of both worlds since they are both private and set in lush, tropical surroundings.

get married in oahu
married in oahu

Oahu Traffic and Lodging

Because of its dense population, Oahu does have quite a lot of traffic. On the positive side, that also means there are plenty of accommodations to choose from. The island offers a range of lodging options, from hostels to deluxe resorts, making it easy to find a budget-friendly place to stay. There is something for everyone! And Oahu is home to multiple military bases, making it a great destination for military members too. Because Oahu’s residents and visitors come from many different places and cultures, the island’s food scene is just as varied and delicious. It offers a wide range of unforgettable dining options available throughout the island — you won’t go hungry; it has a rich foodie scene!

Getting Married on Maui

Maui is the perfect balance between a populated and secluded destination, offering a blend of natural beauty and “old” Hawaii charm. It is ideal for couples seeking a break from a faster-paced city lifestyle but still wanting access to upscale retailers and familiar amenities like Starbucks or Target. Maui is often referred to as the “Goldilocks” of the islands because it is not too crowded or isolated but just right!

It has a plethora of stunning beaches but lacks the traffic and crowd issues of Oahu. If you’re looking to get married in Maui, you’ll in for a treat with the natural splendor and peace the island provides.

maui weddings
Get Married on Maui

# of Beaches on Maui = 83 named beaches

Size Vs. Population = 727.2 square miles with a population size of 185,079. Maui is the second-largest island and harbors only 1/10 of Hawaii’s population. 

Rainfall on Maui = 40 inches a year on average (varies by location)

If you hope to get married in Maui, there are plenty of gorgeous locations to choose from. Maui boasts beautiful sunsets and beaches that are often less crowded than those on Oahu. And during the winter months, humpback whales are often seen jumping and swimming on the coastline!

In terms of Maui wedding venues, the island provides a variety of possibilities for wedding locations, including opulent resorts, storied private residences, and scenic farms surrounded by nature. No matter what type of setting you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a memorable location for your special day in Maui.

maui weddings
Maui Wedding Photography by Karma Hill Photography

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Other information for getting married on Maui: 

Despite Maui’s size and low traffic levels, getting across the island is generally straightforward and easy. The majority of the accommodation is high-end, despite the island having a limited population and a high tourist rate. However, there are some affordable options if you book well in advance. Maui receives average rainfall; however, the beach towns are warm and dry for the majority of the year since lush Haiku and Hana experience the majority of the downpours. Either way, Maui offers the best of both worlds in terms of convenience and seclusion.

Getting Married on Kauai

For those looking for a genuine escape and a taste of “Old Hawaii,” Kauai is the ideal location. The island, which is primarily made up of valleys, is distinguished by its abundant, verdant vegetation and streams. It is obvious to see why Kauai is dubbed the “Garden Isle!” It’s a lush paradise that offers some of the most dramatic and Jurassic views in all of Hawaii.

# of Beaches on Kauai = 74 named beaches 

Size Vs. Population = 562.3 square miles with a population size of 72,293. Kauai is the 4th largest island and harbors 1/20th of Hawaii’s population. 

Rainfall on Kauai = 42 inches a year on average (varies by location)

When you get married on Kauai, there are several gorgeous beaches to enjoy and choose from. The sandy coastlines of Kauai are among Hawaii’s most remote due to its small population and low visitor density. Its seclusion and small-town feeling make it slower-paced and quieter than the other neighboring islands. It’s truly a romantic escape from it all!

Kauai Wedding

Other information for getting married on Kauai: 

Because of its low population and visitor rate, Kauai, fortunately, sees very little traffic, but in turn, that means limited accommodation options. Although Kauai experiences considerable rainfall, its misty atmosphere contributes to its allure and lush natural beauty.

Getting Married on The Big Island

Since Hawaii (commonly referred to as the Big Island) is the youngest island, there is active volcanic activity there. The fact that both Mauna Loa and Kīlauea are still active volcanos means that the island is still expanding and rumbling with strength. However, the island has a laid-back and tranquil atmosphere. The Big Island is perfect for couples who desire a hideaway combined with a rough experience.

# of Beaches on Big Island = 88 named beaches

Size Vs. Population = 4,028 square miles with a population of 200,983. The Big Island is the largest island in Hawaii, harboring only 13% of the population.

Rainfall on Big Island = 53 inches a year on average (varies by location)

On the Big Island, there are numerous beautiful beaches where couples can get married. Although the shoreline is typically a little rougher and rockier than on the older islands, the volcanoes have produced some exceptionally stunning black-sand beaches and a wide range of scenic backdrops.

Get married in Hawaii

Other information for getting married on The Big Island:

The Big Island is BIG — it’s big enough to fit every island on this list inside its borders and still have empty land left over! The island offers a wide variety of locations to explore if you enjoy nature adventures and sightseeing. This island is small and intimate, with few residents and few guests, but it still offers a variety of hotel choices for any budget. Although it rains frequently, the Hilo rainforest regions receive most of the moisture, making it lush and a jungle area.

Best Time of Year For Getting Married in Hawaii

Hawaii boasts some of the planet’s best weather. Ample sunshine and warm temperatures year round! Hawaii’s beaches are calm and bright throughout the year since they are situated just north of the equator and are shielded by numerous tropical reefs. Therefore, the only actual factor in deciding when the ideal time of year for getting married in Hawaii is how well it will work for your travel plans.

get married in hawaii

Hawaii does experience seasons, including temporal changes between summer and winter, despite how mild they are. In general, rain tends to be a little more frequent throughout the winter and spring months, while it is uncommon near Hawaii’s coastal sections and varies by the island and the town.

In terms of the seasons, Hawaii is a great place to get married. Here are the typical daylight hours for each time of year, though, if you’re hoping to get in as much beach time as you can!

Fall: 11:18 hrs

Winter: 10:50 hrs

Spring: 12:25 hrs

Summer: 13:23 hrs

How to Get a Hawaii Marriage License

You can apply for a Hawaii marriage license online, through filing a paper form, or directly with a marriage license agent. To learn more, visit our easy-to-read Hawaii Marriage License Guide. 

Get married in Hawaii

Cost of Getting Married in Hawaii 

Curious to know how much it costs to get married in Hawaii? It depends on whether you plan to say “I do” on a beach or at a venue. 

The average total cost of a Beach Hawaii Destination Wedding comes out to $10,659, ranging from $8,295 – $23,995 (depending greatly on your reception choice). With the average beach ceremony ($3,200), plus simple restaurant reception ($528), plus travel and accommodation ($6,931).

hawaii wedding

While the average total cost of a VENUE Hawaii Destination Wedding comes to $16,838, ranging from $11,123 – $33,208. With the average venue ceremony ($5,200), plus the average venue Reception ($4,707), plus travel and accommodation ($6,931). 

To learn more about how we got these numbers, visit our comprehensive article: Hawaii Destination Wedding Cost – Ceremony, Lodging & Airfare.

Best Hawaii Wedding Packages

Choosing a wedding package that combines beauty and simplicity is important if you’re considering getting married in Hawaii. Unfortunately, many businesses on the mainland offer ceremonies planned remotely to profit on Hawaii’s booming wedding market. So we strongly advise choosing a local wedding vendor that you can communicate with directly via in-person.

Simple Maui Wedding and Simple Oahu Wedding are award-winning companies offering gorgeous Hawaii wedding packages designed with simplicity and beauty in mind. 

Maui Wedding Packages

married in maui

Best Maui Elopement Packages: 

Eloping is a fantastic option if you want to get married in Hawaii, especially if you want a relaxed and budget-friendly wedding. Going with a package like Simple Maui Wedding’s “Maui Elopement on the Beach” is something we highly advise doing because it includes elopement enhancements and add-ons that let your family witness your Maui elopement live and in high definition. You may also enhance the experience of your loved ones back home by ordering gorgeous orchid leis or shells to be sent right to their door!

Best Maui Beach Wedding Package: 

The “Simply Beautiful Beach Wedding” package by Simple Maui Wedding is recommended for elopements or weddings with 7 – 15 guests. It comes with a minister/officiant, leis for ceremony exchange, a bridal bouquet of your choice, 1.5 hours of photography coverage by the Karma Hill Photography team, 100 retouched high-resolution images, an on-site coordinator, a Maui beach wedding permit and liability insurance, and much more for only $2,850.

get married in hawaii

Best Maui Venue Wedding Package: 

The Gannon’s Grassy Knoll Package by Simple Maui Wedding offers gorgeous views of Maui’s south shore in the comfort and luxury of a venue. This package includes up to 2 hours of use of the grassy knoll, a minister/officiant, leis for ceremony exchange, a bridal bouquet, 1.5 hours of professional photography coverage by the Karma Hill Photography Team, 100 retouched high-resolution images, up to 30 white garden chairs, an on-site coordinator and much more for around $4,650.

Gannon’s wedding in Kihei, Maui

Oahu Wedding Packages

Best Oahu Elopement Package: 

Simple Oahu Wedding also offers elopement enhancements and add-ons for their “Oahu Elopement on the Beach” that allow your family to watch your Oahu elopement live and in high-definition. You can even upgrade your loved ones’ experience back home by ordering beautiful orchid leis or shells! 

get married in oahu

Best Oahu Beach Wedding Package: 

Simply Beautiful Oahu Beach Wedding” by Simple Oahu Wedding is recommended for weddings with 7 – 15 guests. It comes with a minister/officiant, leis for ceremony exchange, a bridal bouquet of your choice, 1.5 hours of photography coverage by the Karma Hill Photography team, 100 retouched high-resolution images, an on-site coordinator, an Oahu beach wedding permit and liability insurance, and much more for only $2,975.

Oahu Beach Wedding at Yokohama Bay

Best Oahu venue wedding package: 

The Kualoa Ranch Secret Island Ceremony by Simple Oahu Wedding allows you to get married in Hawaii on your own private island! Surrounded by lush valleys and ocean views, this package is an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests. It includes a minister/officiant, a bridal bouquet of your choice, leis for ceremony exchange, 1.5 hours of photography coverage by the Karma Hill Photography team, 100 retouched high-resolution images included, up to 50 chairs, an on-site coordinator, and much more for only $5,895.

Kualoa Ranch Secret Island Wedding
kualoa ranch oahu wedding

Kauai & Big Island Wedding Packages

Do you want to get married on Kauai or on the Big Island? We can help turn your dreams into a reality! Contact us for more information. 

get married in hawaii

There are a lot of gorgeous possibilities if getting married in Hawaii is your dream. A Hawaii wedding is a beautiful adventure of a lifetime! We have been wedding planners in Hawaii for more than 15 years, and we’ve streamlined the planning process. Our wedding packages give our couples more time to unwind and take in the sights of Hawaii. We’ve even worked last-minute miracles by organizing gorgeous Hawaii weddings with just a few days’ notice! Let our knowledgeable team assist you in getting married in Hawaii!

View Our Hawaii Wedding Packages!

Planning on a beach wedding in Hawaii? Or just hoping to elope on the world’s most romantic sandy venue? We’re here to help make your dreams come true!

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