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Maui Elopements

Living To The Fullest – Ash & Roy’s Maui Elopement

In the balmy shores of Maui, Ash and Roy exchanged their vows in a beautiful Maui elopement that reflected their vibrant spirits and deep connection. Their love story began in the digital realm of Eharmony, where sparks flew from the very first message. Within months, they were engaged, and soon after, they found themselves happily […]


When I Met You – David & Yingyu’s Maui Elopement

Our world at Simple Maui Wedding is filled with love stories, and David and Yingyu’s Maui elopement stands out as a tale of serendipity and romance. As retired individuals, both David and Yingyu bring a wealth of life experiences and passions to their union, making their love story even more unique. David, a former Corrections […]


Just The Two Of Us – Jill & Jamie’s Maui Elopement

What’s more romantic than saying “I do” on a tropical beach with your soulmate by your side? Jill and Jamie’s Maui elopement was nothing short of magical, and we were thrilled to be part of their special day. Both busy professionals – Jill in the legal industry and Jamie in oil and gas – these […]


A Family Affair – Juan & Cynthia’s Maui Elopement

Juan and Cynthia’s Maui elopement was the epitome of a dream turned into reality! Under the luminous Hawaiian sun the rhythm of the ocean was the soundtrack to their vows. It was a day drenched in sunlight, laughter, and the kind of love that you read about in fairy tales! Albeit a tropical one! With […]


Starting Our Next Chapter – Claire & Evan’s Maui Elopement

Under the warm Hawaiian sun, Claire and Evan, both dedicated ICU nurses from South Louisiana, decided to embark on a lifetime journey together, far from the conventional aisle, towards an intimate Maui elopement. With the sands beneath their feet and the endless ocean by their side, it was a day marked by sheer joy and […]


Dreaming Of This Day – Courtney & Chase’s Maui Elopement Wedding

On the sunlit shores of Maui, Courtney and Chase tied the knot in a ceremony as beautiful and heartfelt as their love story. With the ocean at their back, this remarkable couple celebrated their union surrounded by the warm embrace of close family. So let’s relive the magic of their beautiful Maui elopement through these […]


Just Us & The Island – Randi & Nicholas’ Maui Elopement

Randi and Nicholas’ Maui elopement was an enchanting, intimate celebration that revolved around just the two of them, basking in the serene beauty of the beach. It’s no wonder they chose Maui – the idea of eloping to such a romantic paradise is simply irresistible! Despite the overcast sky, their love and joy radiated throughout […]


Coastal Romance – Tyler & Araceli’s Maui Elopement

We are delighted to share Tyler and Araceli’s special day amidst the breathtaking beauty of the island’s coastal landscape. As the wind blew on the picturesque rocks, Araceli stood poised and radiant, ready to walk down with her son on her arm to the ceremony —a vision of elegance against the natural backdrop. Their Maui […]


Meant To Be – Alexy & Christopher’s Maui Elopement

In the enchanting backdrop of Maui, Alexy and Christopher, a couple with a serendipitous love story, embarked on a magical journey into matrimony. Their union symbolizes the beauty of unexpected connections and unwavering devotion. Their story began with an unexpected twist of fate when Chris sold one of his horses to Alexy’s parents in 2020. […]


Surrounded By Nature – Matthew & Victoria’s Maui Elopement

Matthew and Victoria, a dynamic duo with a love for nature and each other, recently celebrated their union in a breathtaking Maui elopement. Hailing from diverse backgrounds and bonded by their shared love for outdoor activities, their story is nothing short of heartwarming. Matt, a Texan with a penchant for outdoor adventures like hiking and […]


Intimate & Elegant – Lisa & Brian’s Maui Elopement

There is something so romantic about eloping to Maui! Maybe it’s the sunset, the waves, the salty air…or all of it! We were honored to coordinate Lisa and Brian’s Maui elopement! These two were so sweet and wonderful to work with. Their elopement radiated with quiet elegance, unparalleled joy, and abundant love. Keep reading to […]


Hawaii elopement packages

Hawaii Elopement Packages: Guide For Oahu, Maui & Big Island

Hawaii Elopement Packages are a great way to get everything you need for your Hawaii wedding in one easy-to-book bundle of services. Each year, thousands of couples elope in Hawaii.


Our Special Day – Samuel & Chelsea’s Maui Elopement

In the gentle embrace of Maui’s warm breezes and ocean view, Chelsea and Samuel embarked on a journey of love, choosing the island’s enchanting beauty as the backdrop for their intimate Maui elopement. Surrounded by the azure hues of the ocean and the soft caress of golden sands, the couple exchanged vows, creating a memory […]


More Than A Dream – Jahna & N’Chantress’ Maui Elopement

We are delighted to share the beautiful vows of Jahna and N’Chantress, and it was nothing short of enchanting! With shared passions for creativity, nature, and exploration, their connection blossomed into a love story that led them to the sunny shores of the Hawaiian island. Let’s dive into the joy and romance of their Maui […]


Meant To Be – Mia & Neal’s Maui Elopement

We recently had the honor of coordinating Mia and Neal’s breathtaking Maui elopement! And let us tell you, it was an absolute dream come true for this sweet couple! These two amazing individuals have a beautiful love story that we are so thrilled to share… Neal, the plant manager at a historic mill in Fort […]


Ready For Our Future – Conrad & Amy’s Maui Elopement

Love has an incredible way of bringing two people together, even if it’s in a barn! And for Conrad, a professional farrier, and Amy, a compassionate nurse, their love story took them to the breathtaking shores of Maui. With busy schedules and a combined family of five boys, finding time for each other was a […]


Happiest With You – Amanda & Mike’s Maui Elopement

We are delighted to share Amanda and Mike’s journey to their Maui elopement! After years of anticipation and distance, they finally tied the knot, ready to embark on the next chapter of their lives together. They’ve had to live apart since August 2022 due to Amanda’s visa, but thankfully the time has come that these […]


Crossed Paths – Natasha & Matthew’s Maui Elopement

Get ready to be swept away by the heartwarming story of Natasha and Matthew’s Maui elopement! In a beautiful and intimate ceremony, this couple sealed their love in the breathtaking setting of the beach. With bright blue skies and the sun shining down on them, every moment was filled with beauty and joy. Let’s dive […]


Life Partners – Chelsea & Troy’s Maui Elopement

Today, we have the pleasure of sharing the heartwarming story of Chelsea and Troy, two adventurous souls who found love amidst camping trips, off-roading adventures, and wine tastings. Join us as we delve into their Maui elopement, a low-key yet incredibly romantic celebration that captured the essence of their beautiful connection! Who says you can’t […]


Babymoon Vows – Katherine & John’s Maui Elopement

There is nothing quite like the pure love of two expecting parents-to-be to tie the knot! We are thrilled to share Katherine and John, a couple with a shared passion for football and an upcoming addition to their family. With John’s love for the SF 49ers and Katherine’s die-hard Raiders fandom, their journey led them […]


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