Top 7 Reasons to Choose All-Inclusive Maui Wedding Packages

February 9, 2020


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Planning a destination Maui wedding? 

All-inclusive Maui wedding packages might just relieve your stress and get the quality you are looking for! Even if you’ve never been to Hawaii before, planning a destination wedding is possible from afar!

The thought of planning a destination wedding from thousands of miles away can be daunting! There are hundreds of little details to manage, hours of timeline to finagle, and the uncertainty of budgeting can be extremely stressful. You want your wedding day to be perfect, but the pressure often leads to procrastination and anxiety.

Does the thought of piecing together an expensive, complicated event have you waking up in a cold sweat? Read our 7 favorite reasons all-inclusive wedding packages in Hawaii make complete sense.

1. The Perfect Maui Wedding Location

Nothing makes a better start to your dream wedding than a dream location. Maui is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful islands in the world for weddings. With luxurious resorts, gorgeous sprawling beaches alongside aquamarine waters, and lush tropical jungles, it’s a vacationer’s paradise.

The beautiful weather of this tropical island makes it the perfect location to host gorgeous weddings outdoors year-round. For smaller groups (up to 30 guests) you can enjoy an ocean-side Maui beach wedding location on one of our famous beaches. For larger groups or for those who prefer a more private location, we recommend several amazing Maui wedding venues with gorgeous settings and amazing quality and service.

2. Getting Into Vacation Mode Early

One of the best features of an all-inclusive wedding package in Maui is it eliminates the stress of juggling vendors and all the various aspects of putting together your perfect day.

With an all-inclusive wedding package, your wedding will already include your minister, photography, floral, and location selections, and of course, your professional wedding planner. The timeline will be orchestrated by your seasoned Maui wedding coordinator, who will be in touch throughout the entire process.

Instead of getting to the island and struggling with all the details, you’ll be able to relax by the pool, knowing efficient and personable wedding pros are handling everything.

3. Professionals in Control

Having a professional wedding coordinator who has planned hundreds of weddings walks you through the entire process is such a wonderful part of a wedding package experience.

Your dedicated planner is your friendly, constant point of contact–there to answer any questions you have and assist in alleviating any worries or concerns. Someone familiar with the entire process and able to guide you through it, helping you craft the vision for your wedding.

Maui wedding planners not only know the wedding business, but they know the island. A knowledgeable planner can make your stay a fun and memorable trip with suggestions and recommendations for things to do, memorable spots, and delicious places to get a bite to eat.

4. All-Inclusive Maui Wedding Packages are Budget Friendly

One of the more surprising things to discover about a destination wedding is how relatively inexpensive it is compared to traditional options!

When envisioning a wedding in a luxurious tropical destination, it’s easy to imagine an equally fancy price tag. But according to the Knot’s destination wedding cost report in 2016, the average for a US domestic wedding was close to $35,000! The average cost for a destination wedding was $28,0000, according to the same report.

Hawaii weddings have great flexibility for price points of packages. Locations options can be as extravagant as your own private venue or as simple as a public beach location with that amazing Hawaii beach look. When budgeting, all-inclusive Maui wedding packages offer a great way to know the exact cost of your wedding up front.

Knowing your base wedding cost upfront is important so you know if you have room for add-ons and customizations to make your ceremony truly yours.

5. An Intimate Wedding Event

Because destination weddings generally have a lower than average guest count, it is possible to have a truly intimate ceremony with a destination wedding.

Technology makes it possible to still connect with the people who cannot make it, spanning the ocean with live-streaming and shared photos of the beautiful ceremony and tropical surroundings.

The intimacy of a destination wedding in Hawaii opens up a great opportunity to spend quality time with select guests and family.  In the days leading up to the ceremony, you can spend quality time with your loved ones — exploring the island, catching sunsets together, and enjoying delicious meals at some of the island’s best restaurants.

6. Trusted Wedding Vendor Connections

Having a coordinator ensures that you are not only dealing with trusted vendors with proven track records of excellence but also getting the best price.

Because of wedding coordinators’ business volume, they’re often able to secure special rates and pass the savings on to you. Established wedding coordinators spend years handpicking the best musicians, videographers, florists, photographers, and ministers.

Seasoned wedding planners have professional relationships with vendors and can help you find the perfect fit for everything. From a specific minister’s ceremony style to the amount of photography time to book based on your guest count, your Maui wedding coordinator has you covered!

7. A Truly Memorable Wedding Experience for All

Many of your guests may not have been to Hawaii before so this is a a truly special experience for them too! Vibrant turquoise morning ocean colors and pastel-hued sunsets make for stunning wedding photos and enhance the memories you create with family and friends during your destination wedding.

Smaller guest counts of destination weddings lend themselves to real closeness and personal connection with the bride and groom, and ceremonies are often emotionally charged and engaging. A Maui destination wedding brings everyone closer together in celebration and love!

Getting married in Hawaii will always give you a great excuse to return in the future for a romantic getaway or wedding anniversary too!

Why Is No Airfare Included?

Travel costs to Hawaii varies so much from all over the world, so it’s nearly impossible to create one-size-fits all package that includes airfare. Also, most wedding professionals in Maui are small businesses and don’t have the connection that larger resorts have to get special deals from airlines. Beyond the logistical aspects, there are also issues of quality to consider too…

All-inclusive wedding packages in Hawaii that include airfare don’t really exist (or are few and far between). One of the major reasons for this is the difficulty of ensuring exemplary customer experience.

You could have an amazing wedding but a miserable flight experience, which could lead to a bad review of the company just because the flight was part of the entire package. Because of the lack of control over the customer experience created by the airlines, is one of the reasons that all-inclusive Maui wedding packages usually don’t include airfare. A small business can’t afford to risk its reputation with vendors they can’t guarantee quality.

Start Your Adventure in Paradise

With so many pros stacked up, it’s unsurprising that one in every five couples now choose a destination wedding over one at home (1in 5 weddings are now destination)!

All-inclusive Maui wedding packages are the ultimate way to remove the guesswork and stress of putting together the perfect island wedding of your dreams.

Why wait until your honeymoon to take a dip in the ocean with your partner when you could start your next chapter in one of the most beautiful spots in the world?

Imagine waking up surrounded by the ocean and palm trees, knowing the details of your ceremony have all been taken care of, and all you need to do is to relax and enjoy your wedding day! That’s the perfect Maui wedding in our opinion!

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