Planning a Last-Minute Maui Wedding – It’s Do-able!

July 3, 2020


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Are you recently engaged and have a dash of spontaneity? Or perhaps your original wedding plans fell through? Planning a last-minute Maui wedding is not so out of reach! Sometimes simple is best if you are hoping to tie the knot right away. Life happens, and unexpected events shouldn’t get in the way of your dream wedding. So if you have had to postpone or change your original wedding plans, thankfully, booking an impromptu Maui wedding is still possible!

Since our team has been coordinating Maui wedding ceremonies for more than ten years, we are knowledgeable about every little nuance and detail. Even while we prefer having ample time to arrange a ceremony, we are always up for the challenge of making a last-minute Maui wedding an amazing celebration. And yes, even last-minute elopements booked the day before are possible!

elope on maui

Planning a last-minute Maui wedding is a huge hurdle if you tackle it alone. There’s little to no wiggle room or margin for error, so we highly recommend you hire a Maui wedding coordinator for your big day.

Why do you need a coordinator for your last-minute Maui Wedding?

  • Maui wedding coordinators have contacts on the island so they can quickly get in touch with the vendors needed for your ceremony
  • They’re very knowledgeable in planning a ceremony so they can accomplish it in less time
  • You’ll likely be making lots of other travel & vacation plans, so you should let someone else take care of the wedding coordination
  • A Maui wedding coordinator will manage your expectations and make sure you know what is possible in your timeframe

So let us help you “wing it”! Come take in all the splendor and magic we’ve made possible! Here are some of our favorite Maui weddings that we quickly coordinated for our beautiful couples in little time.

Michelle & Camilo

Time to Plan: 1 Day

What We Love About This Maui Elopement: Dellables helped us get a custom lei and flower crown for this sweet couple, who booked with us just a day before their wedding! It was so adventurous to join these two at Ironwoods Beach for a last-minute Maui wedding.

If your big wedding has been canceled, why not elope on Maui like Michelle & Camilo? Saying “I do” with just the two of you (or a handful of your closest family) is a wonderful way to celebrate your love. We realize this is an unusual time in our world’s history, so we’ve created add-ons to our Maui beach wedding packages that allow your family to watch your Big Day on high-definition or even witness the “I do” live. We also offer to ship orchid or shell leis to your loved ones so your ohana can have a mini-Maui experience in the comfort of their own homes.

Shauna & Jonathan

Time to Plan: 2 Days

What We Love About This Maui Elopement: This last-minute, no-fuss ceremony was simple yet still really special. Shauna and Jonathan had a bright morning Maui elopement at Lahaina Shores Beach, just the two of them.

If you’re planning on a Maui vacation, why not take a leap of love and elope? We cherish Maui elopements because they offer unparalleled intimacy while still creating a big splash in the life of our couples. Eloping on Maui is an amazing way to start your journey together as a couple. With our beautiful Maui beach wedding packages, you can elope on the most magical island in the world and still be able to have a larger wedding back home.

View Our Hawaii Wedding Packages!

Planning on a beach wedding in Hawaii? Or just hoping to elope on the world’s most romantic sandy venue? We’re here to help make your dreams come true!

Maxine & Ryan

maui wedding

Time to Plan: 14 days

What We Love About This Maui Wedding: This sweet Steeple House wedding was planned in just 2 weeks. While Maxine & Ryan’s group was small, they still included some traditional reception elements to their limited time at the venue, including a first dance, cake cutting, & toast.

With our custom Maui wedding venue packages, you can select add-ons like a beautiful single-tier cake decorated with flowers to match your floral, eliminating the need to coordinate with additional vendors. With over a decade of experience planning weddings in Maui, we know what our clients need and have streamlined the process, which makes last-minute weddings and elopements a piece of cake!

Debra & Brandon

vow renwal in maui
maui vow renewal

Time to Plan: 8 Days

What We Love About This Maui Vow Renewal: This was a Maui vow renewal lovingly booked by the mother of the groom. Even with just a week to put everything together, it all went wonderfully. Dellables created an adorable flower girl’s bouquet to match the bride’s bouquet, and the family of four got lots of adorable sunset photos. They were joined by the groom’s family, all of whom were enjoying a great Maui vacation!

If you’re celebrating an anniversary, why not surprise your special someone with an impromptu Maui vow renewal? Contact us to learn more!

Anie & Michael

maui wedding

Time to Plan: 35 days

What We Love About This Maui Wedding: We work with a variety of venues, from intimate to lavish, each with their own unique booking process. Because we keep a shortlist of only the best Maui wedding venues, we can plan even an extravagant Four Seasons Maui wedding with relatively little notice, just as we did for Anie & Michael. These two lovebirds said I-Do on the beautiful Wailea Lawn, complete with a full floral arch and a dove release.

Anie & Michael also wanted an exquisite reception, so we put them in contact with the team at the Four Seasons and helped turn their dreams into a reality.

Nimet & Nazim

maui wedding

Time To Plan: 33 days

What We Love About This Maui Wedding: Unlike our typical short-term booking, Nimet & Nazim were joined by lots of guests at their Maui wedding! This didn’t mean it took a lot of extra time to plan, though! We were able to secure them a beautiful location at the 5 Palms Wailea plus add in lots of personal touches, like a petal toss and a first dance! To see what other wedding add-ons we offer, come check out Our Favorite Maui Wedding Add-Ons.

With Simple Maui Wedding at the helm, a lot is possible with a last-minute ceremony! Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering a last-minute booking:

  • Not everything will be available on short notice. We may need to plan timing around vendors’ schedules, and we may not be able to order all the upgrades & add-ons you’ve been dreaming of. However, we can typically make most things work in a short time frame 🙂
  • There’s not much time to change your mind on ideas. You’ll likely book your wedding within the timeframe when we typically confirm a lot of details, so you’ll need to be ready to commit to the flower choices and location
  • The great thing about planning a wedding on short-notice is that it’s less time for you to stress and worry about any details. We’ll take care of the planning and you can focus on getting to Maui and enjoying everything!
  • Our ability to plan a wedding within a certain timeframe varies. It depends a lot on availability, what kinds of requests you have, and which package it is. We will let you know prior to booking if we’ll be able to pull off your wedding in time 🙂

We look forward to working with you in the near future! Whether it’s a last-minute Maui wedding or a ceremony booked a year ahead of time, we can’t wait to help turn your dreams into a reality! Come fill out our easy booking form to get started!

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