The Best Beginning – Ryan & Silvia’s Beach Wedding in Maui

May 19, 2023


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A beach wedding in Maui is always a great idea! You get to have a simple yet meaningful ceremony, and the island’s natural surroundings provide the best backdrop.

Ryan & Silvia understood the draw, and that’s why they chose to marry in Maui. So on a bright May morning, we met these two on the shores of Poʻolenalena Beach for a memorable celebration. It was so much fun, and we’re honored we could be their Maui wedding coordinator.

As always, we brought the Karma Hill Photography team along to get incredible images of this beach wedding in Maui. Want to see stunning shots of this stunning couple? Check out some favorite wedding photos below!

Beach Wedding in Maui Groom
Bridal entrance at a Beach Wedding in Maui
Beach Wedding in Maui ceremony
Beach Wedding in Maui at Poolenalena

An Early Start

We typically offer our Maui wedding packages in the morning or at sunset. Both are beautiful in their own way and offer a unique experience.

Ryan & Silvia chose a morning beach wedding in Maui, which suited this bright, adventurous couple. The beaches tend to be less busy in the morning, and it leaves the rest of the day to relax and celebrate.

But it does make for an early wake-up call. Ryan and the guests began arriving at the beach before 8 AM, and Silvia made her grand entrance a few minutes later. That means she was up before the sun, preparing her picture-perfect bridal look and anxiously awaiting the moment when she said “I Do.”

These two look great no matter what, but we especially loved seeing their amazing wedding style, which looked great at this beach wedding in Maui.

Another unique thing about morning weddings is how the photos look. The Karma Hill Team can really capture the blues in the ocean and the sky, and the greens of the trees stand out. It’s a bright, tropical look for couples who love the vibrancy of Hawaii.

guests at a Beach Wedding in Maui
Wedding Cake in Maui
Poolenalena Beach Wedding in Maui

Tradition & Originality at a Beach Wedding in Maui

When you get married in Hawaii, you get a lot of flexibility. After all, there are likely fewer guests to impress and less pressure to do things the same way as everybody else. You’re getting married in a unique spot, so you can choose elements that are true to you, even if it’s different from other weddings.

But you can also be as traditional as you want. Ryan & Silvia still included a grand entrance onto the beach, and they had a cake cutting after their ceremony. They wore formal wedding attire with a tropical touch, and took portraits that really showcased their style.

We’re impressed by how they balance tradition with originality, creating a beach wedding in Maui that was true to who they are.

Keep scrolling to see even more incredible images, and join us in congratulating this shining couple!

Beach Wedding in Maui Bride
Beach Wedding in Maui photography
Beach Wedding in Maui with Simple Maui Wedding
Beach Wedding in Maui
Beach Wedding in Maui photography
Poolenalena Beach Wedding in Maui

Congratulations, Ryan & Silvia! Thank you for allowing us to be your Maui wedding planner and photographer. We wish you all the best!


Time Of Day: Morning

Maui Wedding Photography: Tenessa from Karma Hill Photography

Maui Wedding Package: Your Elegant Wedding on the Beach Package #3 by Simple Maui Wedding

Wedding Planner on Maui: Simple Maui Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Gabie

Maui Beach Wedding Location: Po’olenalena Beach

Maui Minister: Rev. Richardo

Wedding Florals: Pastel Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet by Dellables

Small Wedding Cake: Simple Maui Wedding

Want to see another beach wedding in Maui? Check out this sunset ceremony at Poʻolenalena Beach.

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