There For You – Chris & Dan’s Maui Venue Wedding

August 21, 2023


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Have you ever wondered how love has the incredible power to heal and bring people together? Well, let us tell you the heartwarming story of Dan and Chris, whose journey from loss to love culminated in a breathtaking Maui venue wedding, as you’ll see below!

It all started online, when fate intervened. After Dan’s former partner passed away, Chris reached out to offer his condolences and support. Little did they know that this compassionate gesture would blossom into something truly extraordinary. They started dating in January 2020, and their love grew stronger with each passing day. Their bond was undeniable, and they decided to take the leap and got engaged in November 2021. And guess where the magical proposal took place? In their very own treehouse, tucked away in the back of their house, which holds a special place in their hearts. So we are beyond excited to share their special sunkissed day with you!

maui venue wedding
maui venue wedding

Tropical Blessings

Their Maui venue wedding was an elegant and enchanting affair, filled with Jewish traditions and adorned with a stunning chuppah. As Dan’s children stood by their side, the atmosphere was filled with love and joy. In addition, the simple blessings from the little ones added an extra layer of sweetness to the celebration. Everyone present was overjoyed to share in the happiness of this beautiful couple!

Dan and Chris originally booked their Maui venue wedding at Olowalu Plantation, but due to the recent wildfires on the island, our nimble wedding coordinators were able to seamlessly transition their celebration to Hotel Wailea on the South Side. And as you can see, it was just as dreamy as they could have ever hoped for!

maui venue wedding
grooms getting married
maui venue wedding
wedding party

After the ceremony, the newlyweds strolled hand-in-hand on Southside Beach for some incredibly romantic portraits. Against the backdrop of Maui’s natural beauty, their love radiated just like the setting sun. The island seemed to bless them with an awe-inspiring sunset! It was a moment where time stood still, and their hearts were filled with gratitude and joy!

Lastly, the way Dan and Chris look at each other speaks volumes. Their love is tangible, infectious, and truly magical. Their love story is a testament to the incredible power of love and the beautiful ways in which the universe conspires to bring two souls together…

same sex wedding in maui
maui venue wedding
sunset wedding
groom on beach
maui venue wedding
newlyweds in maui
grooms in maui

Congratulations, Dan and Chris, your love story is an inspiration to us all. Here’s to a future filled with love, happiness, and many new adventures ahead! Maui has truly blessed you, and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you two. Mazel tov!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Photographers: Tenessa & Jordyn from Karma Hill Photography

Beach Location: Southside Beach

Maui Gay Wedding Planner: Changed to Hotel Wailea from Olowalu Plantation House Ceremony Package by Simple Maui Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Ashley of Hotel Wailea

Maui Wedding Venue Location: Hotel Wailea

Maui Officiant: Rev. Kuya

Wedding Florals: Leis & Custom Chuppah Florals by Dellables

Music: Oren

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