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A Dream Come True – China & Stephen’s Maui Venue Wedding

China and Stephen’s Maui venue wedding day was an absolute dream come true! As software engineers by profession, they lead busy lives, but they always find time to enjoy family moments and play games together. Living in Denver, Colorado, China had always dreamed of getting married in Hawaii, and Stephen saw it as an opportunity […]


Hearts Together – Brittni & Jake’s Maui Venue Wedding

In the picturesque paradise of Maui, our lovely couple, Brittni and Jake, said “I do” surrounded by their loved ones. From the moment Brittini walked down the grassy aisle to the glowing newlywed portraits, their Maui venue wedding was simply beautiful in every way! As you can imagine, Brittni and Jake eagerly awaited their special […]


Happiest With You – Brooke & Brett’s Maui Venue Wedding

We are overjoyed to share the beautiful day of Brooke and Brett, who celebrated their special day with their family and friends! This wonderful couple, with Brett running his own fire safety company and Brooke working as a project administrator, found true happiness in each other’s company. From their first meeting on a friend’s boat […]


A Sacred Place To Us – Winston & Abigail’s Maui Venue Wedding

In enchanting paradise, our lovely couple Winston and Abigail celebrated their special day surrounded by the beauty of the Hawaiian islands. This sweet couple chose Maui as the perfect location for their wedding, a place that held significant memories and symbolized their deep love for each other. From the stunning ceremony at Plumeria Point to […]


Our Special Day – Shandi & Brennan’s Maui Venue Wedding

Our lovely couple, Shandi and Brennan’s Maui venue wedding, was a celebration filled with joy, beauty, and anticipation! With Brennan working as a project manager for a steel fabricator and Shandi as a customer service manager at a bank, they embraced the opportunity to escape the everyday stresses and create a magical day in paradise. […]


Young Love – Kendyl & Corey’s Maui Venue Wedding

Love, laughter, and the breathtaking beauty of Maui came together on a magical day as Kendyl and Corey exchanged their vows! Their Maui venue wedding celebration was filled with joy, creating memories that will last a lifetime! Kendyl, a compassionate registered nurse, and Corey, a lineman and ex-Army Ranger, have built a life filled with […]


A Place We Love – Desirae & Jeremy’s Maui Venue Wedding

Get ready for a heartwarming story of love, laughter, and stunning sunsets! Meet Desirae and Jeremy, the dynamic duo who found their happily ever after amidst BBQs, fishing trips, and cheering on their beloved SF Giants and 49ers. Today, we delve into their Maui venue wedding, where intimate moments, family connections, and breathtaking natural beauty […]


Mauka To Makai – Melissa & Luis’s Maui Venue Wedding

Sometimes, love stories begin in childhood and blossom into something truly magical. For Melissa and Luis, their journey started in the same church they attended as kids. After almost a lifetime of friendship, Luis popped the question during a breathtaking hike in the Rocky Mountains. The stunning scenery and waterfall backdrop made it a dream […]


I Choose You – Jessica & Dominique’s Maui Venue Wedding

Jessica and Dominique’s Maui venue wedding was a day filled with love, laughter, and pure happiness! From the moment they met through friends in 2016, their connection was undeniable. After a memorable first date at The Original Pancake House (where love was discovered over a bite of bacon), their journey together began! Over the years, […]


Serendipitous Meeting – Bryan & Karla’s Maui Venue Wedding

Life sometimes surprises you in the most unexpected of ways! Our recent newlywed couple, Bryan and Karla, were a delight to work with, and we are thrilled to share their big day and their love story with you! From a chance meeting in downtown Los Angeles to their dream Maui venue wedding, their story is […]


Maui Has Our Hearts – Tiffany & Harrison’s Maui Venue Wedding

We are thrilled to share the love story of Tiffany and Harrison, a couple whose journey was filled with adventure, laughter, and the joy of finding their perfect match. From training Muay Thai to backpacking through the California wilderness, their shared passions and love for each other led them to a beautiful Maui venue wedding. […]


Effortless Elegance – Jessica & Dorian’s Maui Destination Wedding

What is the most dreamy destination for a wedding in our eyes? Hawaii, of course! In the case of our lovely couple, Jessica and Dorian, their shared love for adventure led them to a dreamy Maui destination wedding. We are thrilled to share their love story and the magical celebration that unfolded amongst the natural […]


Love Soars – Selena & Jay’s Maui Venue Wedding

Love can sweep us off our feet when we least expect it! For Selena and Jay, their love story began on a summer night filled with volleyball and laughter. From that moment on, their journey together was destined for new heights. Their big day was special in so many ways, full of love and Maui […]


Two Hearts As One – Sam & Josh’s Maui Venue Wedding

Have you ever wondered how childhood friendships can transform into lifelong love stories? Well, for Sam and Josh, their journey from kindergarten pals to soulmates is nothing short of magical. We are so excited to share the enchanting story of their Maui venue wedding, celebrating their love and the beginning of their forever together! These […]


Rekindled Love – José & Guadalupe’s Maui Venue Wedding

True love will always bring two people back together, even after years of separation. For José and Guadalupe, their journey from childhood friends to reunited soulmates is nothing short of a heartwarming love story. We are so excited to share this sweet couple’s Maui venue wedding! From their shared childhood memories to their adventurous spirits, […]


They’ve Got That Glow – Rebecca & Preston’s Maui Venue Wedding

Let’s re-live Rebecca and Preston’s Maui venue wedding, where love, laughter, and pure excitement filled the air! This was the day they had been eagerly waiting for, and it was nothing short of amazing! All heads turned when Rebecca made her beautiful entrance with her father to meet her husband-to-be, Preston, at the oceanside altar. […]


Meant To Be You – Breanna & William’s Maui Venue Wedding

Let’s celebrate the love and joy of Breanna and William as they tied the knot in a lighthearted Maui venue wedding! These two lovebirds couldn’t be happier to exchange their vows in the paradise they both dreamed of. Their journey to this special day was filled with love, surprises, and a touch of adventure. Breanna […]


Seaside Elegance – Kaila & Justin’s – Maui Venue Wedding

We are delighted to share Kalia and Justin’s big day with you! It was an amazing day on the island’s South Shore, filled with love, joy, and happiness. Kalia and Justin were surrounded by their closest loved ones as they shared heartfelt vows and celebrated in style at their Maui venue wedding. These two were […]


A Dream Destination – Olivia & Alex’s Maui Venue Wedding

Get ready to be swept away by the love story of Olivia and Alex as they recently tied the knot at their stunning Maui venue wedding! Their lighthearted romance is filled with serendipitous encounters, romantic proposals, and a celebration perfectly tailored to their unique love. Their romance began when fate intervened and brought them together […]


There For You – Chris & Dan’s Maui Venue Wedding

Have you ever wondered how love has the incredible power to heal and bring people together? Well, let us tell you the heartwarming story of Dan and Chris, whose journey from loss to love culminated in a breathtaking Maui venue wedding, as you’ll see below! It all started online, when fate intervened. After Dan’s former […]


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