Brought Together – Ed & Mae’s Maui Venue Wedding

December 19, 2023


We recently had the absolute honor of being a part of Ed and Mae’s lighthearted and joy-filled Maui venue wedding, and let us tell you, these two couldn’t be more deserving of a wonderful day! This incredible couple’s love story began at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa, where they both worked side by side for a whole year without ever exchanging a word. It wasn’t until two days before Mae was flying out to the Philippines that Ed mustered up the courage to message her on Instagram. Little did they know that this simple message would change their lives forever.

After reconnecting online, Ed and Mae decided to meet in person, and from that moment on, they became inseparable. Then, COVID hit, and they found themselves spending every single day together. This time spent in each other’s company allowed them to truly get to know one another, forming a deep bond that only grew stronger with each passing day…so without further adieu, keep reading to see more of their incredible day!

Our New Future Together

Living in Lahaina their whole lives, Ed and Mae faced a devastating loss when their homes were destroyed in a fire. But through it all, their love and resilience never faltered. They couldn’t have been more deserving of a special day to celebrate their love and start a new chapter together.

Their elegant and simple ceremony took place at the breathtaking King Kamehameha Golf Club. Surrounded by the beauty of the island they hold so dear, Ed and Mae exchanged vows under a stunning bamboo arch with all their loved ones by their side.

The love between Ed and Mae was palpable throughout the ceremony. Their smiles radiated pure happiness, and their eyes sparkled with love and adoration for one another. It was a sight to behold and a reminder of the beauty that can be found in true love!

As newlyweds, they shared incredible moments together, taking in the sweeping views and reveling in the joy of finally becoming husband and wife. It was an honor and a joy for us to bring their big day to life and witness the love that they share! They both look impeccable on the verdant lawn, Mae in her lace gown and Ed in his sharp suit. They make a beautiful couple indeed!

To Ed and Mae, we wish you a lifetime filled with love, peace, and happiness! May your journey together be filled with laughter, adventure, and unforgettable memories. You are a truly deserving couple, and we are grateful to have been a part of your special day! Sending you lots of aloha and love…


Time Of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Photographer: Samantha from Karma Hill Photography

Maui Wedding Package: King Kamehameha Golf Club Kahalawai Terrace by Simple Maui Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Rebecca & Lisa from Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Wedding Venue: King Kamehameha Golf Club Kahalawai Terrace

Maui Officiant: Peter Dagupion

Wedding Florals: Leis, Bamboo Arch & Arrangements, Maui Elegance Bouquet by Dellables

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Karma Hill is the owner of Karma Hill Photography, Simple Maui Wedding and Simple Oahu wedding. Karma writes about weddings and photography in Hawaii.

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