Forty Beautiful Years Later – Lynnda & David’s Hawaii Vow Renewal

August 24, 2022


Maui has a special place in Lynnda and David’s hearts because it reminds them of home! This sweet couple celebrated their anniversary with a celebration totally arranged by their sweet daughter. While deciding where to celebrate their love, their daughter knew this island would be the right place for all involved. Their Hawaii vow renewal was on the shores of DT Fleming Beach Park while the morning sun hung in the sky! We adore how perfect this event was for our Lynnda and David. Keep scrolling to experience this ceremony for yourselves.

hawaii vow renewal

Lynnda and David wanted their vow renewal to be a relaxed but family-oriented celebration! Only twelve people attended their event. However, surrounding our delightful duo was love and support from every guest! Kahu Tree was the officiant, and she delivered a heartwarming Hawaiian sermon. Then Stephan Boeker Films documented this meaningful occasion effortlessly, while Karma Hill Photography captured every moment beautifully. Now, they can relive this morning forever!

The Location For Their Hawaii Vow Renewal

DT Fleming Beach never fails to make morning ceremonies feel dreamy and intimate. The vibrant sun was hanging high in the sky — this natural lighting made the occasion feel enchanting. In addition, there was no cloud coverage, making the dramatic mountain views clear as day! Then the exquisite landscapes on the seaside enhanced the romantic mood. You can see the cerulean waves, beige sand, and lush greenery decorating the background of every shot. Above all, we love how the long shoreline provided plenty of space for every guest to stand comfortably!

Our Couple’s Story

Lynnda and David celebrated forty years of love at their Hawaii vow renewal! This celebration was especially poignant because our passionate pair were originally married at a refugee camp, so they didn’t get to have a wedding in the traditional sense. There was no fancy dress or party after. Their lovely daughter made sure the second celebration had all the bells and whistles. The couple loved Maui because it reminds our lovely couple of home — Cambodia! They’ve also had magnificent trips and unforgettable explorations with their family here. What a beautiful cull circle moment this must have been for this couple, knowing how far they have come since their original wedding in the refugee camp 40 years ago.

Currently, David is retired, while Lynnda works for Boeing. They also have three beautiful daughters! You can find this gorgeous duo spending time with their five grandchildren and traveling in their spare time.

Congratulations, Lynnda and David, on forty years of marriage! Thank you for sharing this occasion with us. We wish you a future full of quality time with family and new adventures!

Hawaii Vow Renewal – Session Details

Time of Day: Morning

Maui Wedding Photographers: Tenessa from Karma Hill Photography

Beach Location: DT Fleming Beach

Vow Renewal in Maui: Simple Maui Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Christina from Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Officiant: Kahu Trinette Furtado

Wedding Florals: Maui Elegance Bouquet by Dellables

Videographer: Stephan Boeker Films

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