Meant To Be You – Kathryn & Robert’s Maui Venue Wedding

April 12, 2024


We couldn’t be more delighted to share Kathryn and Robert’s Maui venue wedding! It was a testament to love, adventure, and the shared joy of bringing two lives together. This South Carolina duo, seasoned in balancing the demands of government contracting with the entrepreneurial spirit of side hustles, chose Hawaii—a place deeply woven into their personal tapestry—for their special day.

Their love story is the stuff of small-town legends, sparked under the festive air of a family Christmas gathering and fueled by a persistent affection that refused to acknowledge geographical boundaries. Kathryn, known affectionately as “Hawaii” by those back home, captured Robert’s heart in a whirlwind that saw him following her like a lovestruck puppy. Despite her initial reservations, citing a life too deeply rooted in Hawaii to ever consider leaving, love found its way, proving that home is indeed where the heart is… Curious to see more of their incredible day! Read on!

maui venue wedding
maui venue wedding
maui venue wedding

It was a special treat for us to capture our soon-to-be newlyweds getting ready! The excitement was palpable in the air before their Maui venue wedding! The nerves, joy, excitement, pride – it was all there and more! Needlesstosay, they couldn’t wait to see each other!

maui venue wedding

Their wedding day at Gather was nothing short of magical. From the early moments of anticipation captured in their getting-ready photographs to the exchange of vows that felt as natural as the ocean breeze, every detail echoed their journey and deep connection. Surrounded by friends who had traveled from near and far, the air was thick with love and excitement, culminating in a celebratory kiss on the lawn that sealed their commitment under the sun!

wedding in kihei
maui venue wedding
maui venue wedding
maui venue wedding
maui venue wedding
maui venue wedding
maui venue wedding

Celebrating Together

The newlyweds then ventured to Southside Beach, where the setting sun provided a golden backdrop for their newlywed portraits. Here, amidst the sand and sea, the essence of their relationship—adventurous, deeply bonded, and beautifully unique—was perfectly encapsulated. Kathryn, with her love for diving and spearfishing, and Robert, an avid hunter and fisherman, found their spirits merging with the landscape they both adore!

maui venue wedding
maui venue wedding

Congratulations to these two love birds! It was an honor to coordinate your special day! We hope Hawaii continues to hold a special place in both of your hearts! Aloha!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Photography: Desi from Karma Hill Photography

Onsite Coordinator: Wai of Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Wedding Package: Gather’s Ceremony Package by Simple Maui Wedding

Florals: Leis, Maui Elegance Bouquet by Dellables

Maui Wedding Venue: Gather in Kihei

Live Stream Videographer: Stephan Boeker Films

Videographer: Super 8 Film

Musician: Anthony Pfluke

Beach Portrait Location: Southside Beach

Maui Officiant: Justin Phillips

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