Simply Elegant – Jessica & Jered’s Venue Wedding in Maui

September 8, 2021


Jessica and Jered wanted to do something different for their wedding, so they decided to have a simple but intimate venue wedding in Maui! Surrounded by their families and friends, they tied the knot at The Steeple House with the picturesque views of Maui’s northwest shore around them.

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The Maui Venue Wedding

Jessica and Jered wanted an elegant wedding that had a little rustic flair. That made The Steeple House the ideal venue for them! They also left with beautiful memories because of the stunning backdrops this location has to offer. We captured breathtaking portraits on the stone walls and in front of the clear blue ocean. These fairytale-like photos captured by Karma Hill Photography are the perfect personal touch needed to make their new house feel like their forever home.

Wedding venues Maui
maui bride and groom first look
hawaii bride and groom first look
hawaii bride and groom
Maui venue wedding party
Maui bride and groom

Our Couple’s Story

Jessica and Jered have been good friends since they were teenagers. They went on a few friend dates before they realized that they were destined to be more. The shock that these longtime friends were soulmates is what motivated them to get married. Jered popped the question while they were right next to Illumination Rock on Mount Hood — Jessica didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Maui lei exchange during wedding
Wedding venues in Maui Hawaii
groom reading bride vows
bride and groom exchanging vows
steeple house Maui wedding
bride and groom fist kiss as husband and wife
Just Mauid at the Steeple house in Maui, Hawaii
Maui Wedding Venue the Steeple House
Maui Wedding guests
Venue wedding in Maui, HI
Wedding venues in Maui Hawaii
bride and groom sweet moment
Venue wedding in Maui, HI
Maui bride and groom romantic shot
groom kissing bride sweet
Panoramic Maui Wedding Venue photography
Hawaii wedding cliffside in Maui
Hawaii venue wedding Ironwoods Beach
hawaii groom photo
Wedding venues in Maui Hawaii

This adventurous couple loves to have fun new experiences together. Once, they snowshoed up and down a mountain together. So, it was no surprise to us that they loved the cliffs at Ironwoods Beach! More than anything, we love that their biggest adventure has been their venue wedding in Maui!

Ironwoods beach wedding photo
Wedding venues in Maui Hawaii

Congratulations, Jessica and Jered! We’re wishing you a lifetime of adventures together. And we hope your new home comes together beautifully. Thank you for letting us be part of your special day!

Maui Venue Wedding – Session Details

Time of Day: Sunset

Hawaii Wedding Photographer: Angelica from Karma Hill Photography

Hawaii Venue Location: The Steeple House

Maui Wedding Planner: Simple Maui Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Aysha from Simple Maui Wedding

Videographer: Stephen Boeker

Hair and Makeup: Maui Makeup Artistry

Wedding Gown: Galina Signature from David’s BridalCheck out another wedding in Hawaii here:

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