A Day To Cherish – Brittney & Dexter’s Maui Venue Wedding

October 19, 2022


Our lovely couple, Brittney and Dexter’s tropical Maui venue wedding was a day to cherish! It was our pleasure to capture their amazing day! We were so excited to see the tropical details throughout their venue wedding when we arrived! From Brittney’s vibrant bouquet to the pineapple-lined rows, it felt authentically Hawaiian. Keep reading to see more of their special day!

Maui Venue wedding - Olowalu Plantation  House
tropical bouquet

Tropical Goddess

Before the ceremony began, we were excited to catch a few glimpses of our glowing bride – doesn’t she look divine?! As we photographed her getting ready, we could feel the jitters and joy mixed into one, as you can imagine! We were awestruck when she showed us her breathtaking bouquet of dahlias, orchids, ginger, and other tropical blooms. Brittney adores flowers, so she wanted a unique bouquet that comprised some of her favorites!

bride getting ready
bridal bouquet

Her darling flower girl and ring bearer were the sweetest! They were so excited to participate in Brittney’s big day! These precious moments before their ceremony genuinely capture our gorgeous bride’s excitement and sheer happiness, don’t you think?

flower girl and ring bearer
father and daughter bride
groom waiting for bride

With My Blessing

When Brittney’s father walked her down the aisle, their family and friends were a little teary-eyed, as you can imagine! It was such an endearing moment to witness. These smaller ceremonies are so moving, as you’ll see below! Her doting father gave her one last kiss on the cheek before presenting her to her handsome groom that awaited. Naturally, Brittney and Dexter wanted an intimate affair, surrounded by their closest friends and family. Before the vows began, our charming couple couldn’t hold back a few giggles!

maui wedding ceremony
maui bride and groom
maui venue wedding
olowalu maui wedding
olowalu plantation wedding in maui
maui venue wedding

The location for their splendid Maui venue wedding was Olowalu Plantation, a plantation-style house right on the water. It’s a real gem! This is one of our top locations for a Maui venue wedding simply because of the privacy and beachfront. The grounds offer so much variety in places to capture first looks and wedding portraits. Coconut and palm trees dot the property giving plenty of privacy and a tropical ambiance. Maui at its best!

maui venue wedding
bride and groom exchanging vows

A Kiss To Remember

The moment we were waiting for – our newlyweds announced as husband and wife! As you can see, their family cheered and clapped with joy for these two! Not only were they showered with confetti, but their nearest and dearest also blew them kisses as they walked hand in hand down the aisle. They look like they are on cloud nine, as you will see below!

husband and wife kiss
maui venue wedding
newlyweds in maui
bride and groom kiss
bride signing wedding certificate
maui venue wedding
maui venue wedding
happy family at maui wedding

After their fun and festive family portraits, our charming pair snuck off together so we could photograph a few private moments together as newlyweds. They couldn’t stop smiling and looked adoringly at each other throughout the day! So now our delightful couple can officially say they were “Just Maui’d”!

husband kisses wife
newlyweds on beach in maui
newlywed in maui
just maui'd in maui

Our lovely couple went off on their way for their wedding portraits as we continued to photograph their Maui venue wedding. Brittney and Dexter love the ocean and all things tropical, so naturally, they wanted to walk down to the shoreline to soak in the scenery and newlywed bliss!

Brittney walked carefully down the rocky bar, lovingly guided by her new husband, Dexter. As you can see, it was well worth the walk simply because of this view! This panoramic view of the West Maui Mountains is one of the reasons why we adore Olowalu Plantation. As you can see, it showcased the cinematic scenery of the island and enhanced the tropical ambiance of their Maui venue wedding!

newlyweds in maui

After the noise and fun of the ceremony, our charming couple cherished these private moments together. Brittney was glowing in Dexter’s arms! Her detailed floral gown perfectly mirrored her bouquet blooms. Her veil danced in the breeze as we captured their first married moments!

bride and groom in maui
happy wedding couple
tropical bride in maui

We want to send a warm mahalo to our lovely couple, Brittney and Dexter, for choosing Simple Maui Wedding! With lots of love and aloha, we wish you the very best for your new journey together! Until we meet again in paradise…


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Photographer: Tenessa from Karma Hill Photography

Wedding Florals: Custom Bouquet by Dellables

Maui Wedding Venue: Olowalu Plantation

Maui Wedding Packages: Simple Maui Wedding

Hair & Makeup: Simply Beauty Maui

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