Meant To Be You – Ashley & Joy’s Maui Beach Wedding

April 27, 2024


On a picturesque evening, our wonderful couple, Ashley and Joy said “I, do” at their Maui beach wedding. With a shared passion for entrepreneurship and a love for their adorable corgis, Pancake and Peaches, this dynamic duo knew that their wedding day would be nothing short of magical. When they visited Maui in 2021, they knew they had to come back for their honeymoon and thought why not get married here to?! So we were honored to bring their vision to life! And as you’ll see, the Maui sky didn’t disappoint for their ceremony!

maui beach wedding

It Had To Be Hawaii

Their love story began a decade ago on a whimsical Valentine’s Day night at a bar—a chance encounter that would blossom into a beautiful romance. From their first date a few nights later, Ashley and Joy knew that they were destined to be together forever.

When Ashley decided to pop the question, she chose a setting as enchanting as their love—a music festival nestled beneath a canopy of trees. With a tiny bottle hidden inside a fairy house, Ashley’s proposal was as whimsical and romantic as their love story itself.

For their vows, Ashley and Joy knew that Maui’s pristine beaches would provide the perfect backdrop for their special day. With the sun setting on the horizon, casting hues of pink and gold across the sky, Polo Beach became the idyllic setting for their intimate Maui beach wedding ceremony.

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maui beach wedding
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Dressed in matching white and hair accessories and radiant smiles, Ashley and Joy exchanged vows surrounded by the beauty of nature. As they sealed their commitment with a kiss, their hearts overflowed with joy and gratitude for finding each other! We are so happy for these two!

maui beach wedding
maui beach wedding
wedding in hawaii
maui beach wedding

How beautiful and happy do these two look in the golden sun? The little details of their outfits and hair accessories elevate their looks with a touch of aloha!

maui beach wedding
maui beach wedding
wedding in hawaii
maui beach wedding
maui beach wedding

With the gentle waves lapping at the shore and the warm glow of the sunset illuminating their path forward, Ashley and Joy embarked on their journey as partners for life. Here’s to a future filled with love, laughter, and endless adventures for this beautiful couple! Enjoy your honeymoon!


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Photography: Desi from Karma Hill Photography

Onsite Coordinator: Christina of Simple Maui Wedding

Florals: Leis, Just Maui’d Sign, Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet – Pastel by Dellables

Maui Wedding Package: Simply Beautiful Maui Beach Wedding Package #2 by Simple Maui Wedding

Beach Location in Maui: Polo Beach

Maui Officiant: Trinette ‘Tree’ Furtado

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