Our Special Day – Samuel & Chelsea’s Maui Elopement

January 18, 2024


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In the gentle embrace of Maui’s warm breezes and ocean view, Chelsea and Samuel embarked on a journey of love, choosing the island’s enchanting beauty as the backdrop for their intimate Maui elopement. Surrounded by the azure hues of the ocean and the soft caress of golden sands, the couple exchanged vows, creating a memory for a lifetime.

With simplicity and beauty as the guiding themes, Chelsea and Samuel’s elopement was a testament to the magic that unfolds when love takes center stage. The intimate gathering, which included the warmth of their parents, created a cocoon of love around the couple as they stepped into this new chapter of their lives.

maui elopement

Simple & Beautiful

Chelsea, a vision of grace, made her entrance onto the beach adorned with a flower crown and tropical blooms that mirrored the vibrant spirit of the island. And Samuel looked equally relaxed in beachy white! Our sweet couple’s love story unfolded in a ceremony that captured the essence of what they hold dear — simplicity, beauty, and the presence of those who matter most.

As their Maui elopement vows were exchanged, the air was filled with the sweet promises of a lifetime. The simplicity of the ceremony showcased the profound depth of Chelsea and Samuel’s connection. Moreover, proving that the most beautiful moments are often the ones infused with love and authenticity!

maui elopement
maui elopement
maui elopement
beach wedding
maui elopement
maui elopement

Eloping to Hawaii is a romantic journey, a declaration of love amidst the natural wonders of the islands. Chelsea and Samuel’s day was a perfect encapsulation of the romance that Hawaii effortlessly had. Against the backdrop of the vast ocean, their gaze spoke volumes; each look conveyed a promise, a vow, and a shared dream. And to top it off, they had cake on the beach!

maui elopement
beach wedding
maui elopement
bride in maui
maui elopement

Congratulations to the newlyweds; may your love continue to flourish! Here’s to the beauty of your commitment, the magic of love, and your joy! Enjoy your time on Maui! Aloha!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Planner: Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Wedding Package: Maui Elopement Package #1 by Simple Maui Wedding

Wedding Florals: Leis, Flower Crown, Wailea Sunset Bouquet by Dellables

Onsite Coordinator: Rebecca of Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Wedding Photographer: Samantha of Karma Hill Photography

Beach Wedding Location in Maui: Maluaka Beach

Maui Officiant: Rev. Kuya

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