Preparing For A Rainy Maui Wedding – Top 5 Preparation Considerations

November 20, 2018


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An outdoor wedding is the most popular choice for most of our couples. They are beautiful, scenic and the beach is a huge part of why our couples choose to get married in Maui. The only downside to an outdoor wedding is the fact that we are not in control of the weather! This can be a stressor at a time when you should be relaxed and happy, but don’t worry, we got you! A major part of our job here at Simple Maui Wedding is helping our wedding couples feel as stress-free as possible. So we’ve come up with the top five tips on the best way to have a fabulous Rainy Maui Wedding, no matter what.


Forecasting weather for a tiny island in the middle of a vast ocean is very difficult and the forecast is often wrong. Honestly, even the live weather feeds are rarely accurate. Keep in mind this is the tropics and it will almost always be raining somewhere on the island, just not necessarily where you will be getting married. Maui has many microclimates and it can be wet in one spot and dry a mile down the road.

So stay calm and think sunny thoughts! We are confident, rain or shine this day is going to be every bit as special as your relationship. If it does end up stormy on your wedding day, rest assured we have things under control and are working on a fabulous backup plan! We want nothing more than for your special day to be beautifully memorable.

If the weather isn’t ideal, we always try our best to relocate beach weddings in order to offer you the most enjoyable experience. However, if you’re up for it, a ceremony with light showers can turn out really cute and fun IRL (in real life) and on camera. We’ve had some of the best times with our couples when they were sprinkled with extra luck on their wedding day. Plus, oftentimes you’ll even see a rainbow or two and your chances of an epic sunset also go up! Don’t believe us? Check out these photos. They might even have you secretly hoping for a rainy wedding just to get some epic shots similar to these 😉 .

Rainy Maui Wedding

This bride and groom took in this incredible view after their Rainy Maui Wedding at Ironwoods Beach.

2. Be Prepared

Our lead coordinator Emily says that preparing for a rainy wedding both mentally and physically will help in the event it does rain. Our onsite wedding coordinators are absolutely incredible at what they do! Regardless of the weather forecast they are always prepared and have a few umbrellas on hand. When the chances of rain are more likely we stock up with all the umbrellas available. If you or wedding guests are worried at all we also invite you to bring rain protection. Most hotels have fancy umbrellas you can borrow or your guests can rock a clear plastic poncho from the ABC store. Preparing yourself mentally to be happy no matter the weather will also help. If you keep in mind you are marrying the love of your life and that is what the day is all about, no amount of water can put out that fire you have for each other!

Rainy Maui Wedding

These bucket umbrellas helped keep this couple dry on their wedding day and also made for cute props in photos.

3. Think About an Updo Hairstyle

Regardless of what hairstyle you choose, your photos will be amazing! One reason we only work with our sister company, Karma Hill Photography, is because we recognize how important your wedding photos are! We do our very best to coordinate the details of your dream wedding so it will be an incredible in-person experience, as well as look incredible in photos. So we get that you want to make sure you look good on your wedding day and not like a drowned rat, we would never want that either!

Due to the unpredictable weather and common winds in Maui, we suggest a bride consider a hairstyle that will not get blown around too much. An elegant updo or pulled back bridal hairstyle not only looks stunning but it also will help keep a bride’s hair from looking ruined in the rain. Most of the time you can hardly tell from the photos that it even rained, that is unless the photographer is purposefully trying to capture a dramatic rain shot! If you use one of our trusted hair and makeup vendors, the chances of your hair and makeup lasting in the rain is much better than if you tackle it on your own. They have proven secret ninja beauty secrets to keep our brides looking stunning in the heat, rain, and wind!

Rainy Wedding photo

This bride and groom looked incredible together despite the rainy weather at their beach wedding.

A bonus tip for you grooms out there: It’s always a good idea to wear an undershirt and dark pants at a beach wedding. This way if the weather does turn for the worse your shirt won’t end up see-through and your pants won’t show dark rain spots. We promise you’ll thank us for this added suggestion, and so will your bride 🙂 .

This groom and his groomsmen embraced already being wet from the rain to splash around in the crashing waves.

4. Choose a Location in South Maui

If you want to reduce the chance that you will get rained on, choose a beach location in South Maui. This area of the island is almost always sunny, which is why it is the area we recommend most for weddings. However, nothing is ever 100% guaranteed. When it does rain at Southside Beach the epic lighting and incredible sunsets at this spot never disappoint. We’ve had some of the most beautiful rainy weddings at this location.

Rainy Maui weddingwedding in maui with rainrain and sunset maui wedding

5. Consider a Maui Venue Wedding vs. a Maui Beach Wedding

If rain is a major concern for you and you’d rather play it safe we totally understand and highly suggest booking a venue for your wedding day! Most of our Maui wedding venues have an indoor and outdoor option so if it does end up raining you can always head inside for the ceremony.

If you’re considering having a Maui Venue Wedding for the possibility of an indoor ceremony, Steeple House is ideal! Their inside and outside settings are equally stunning, making it the perfect option if you want the comfort of having an awesome backup plan in place.

The Steeple House Indoor Ceremony option

The Steeple House Outdoor Ceremony Option

Whatever you decide, we want your stress levels to be low and we will take care of everything on our end to ensure this is one of the happiest days of your life!

We absolutely love how this wedding at Gannon’s turned out! The couple said, “I do” in front of the open doors so the lush greenery is still in their ceremony’s background. They even got to head outside for a few stunning sunset photos once the rain calmed down.Maui wedding venue to avoid rain

As you can see, rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to be the end of the world. In fact, it can make your day even more memorable and incredible! Our last advice is this, DON’T WORRY! If you make the most of it, we believe your wedding will be every bit as magical as it was for all the bride and grooms pictured above. Hawaii isn’t considered paradise for no reason. Having your wedding here will be an amazing experience regardless of what the weather forecast might indicate. Trust us 🙂 .

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