Can’t Help Falling in Love -Anna & George’s Maui Wedding

January 7, 2020

Vibrant, stunning, beautiful—Few words could better describe the jaw-dropping Maui wedding of Anna & George. From the tender smile of the flower girl to the delicate details of the bejeweled accessories, this couture ceremony added a whole new dimension to the modern wedding. The Four Seasons in the heart of Wailea set the stage for a breezy outdoor venue that was luminous with lush greens and the subtle rays of the warm Maui sun.

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Can we just take a second to say how head-over-heels we are about this dynamic duo! (The one above and the one below!)

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Ordaining over the ceremony was the inspiring and joyous Hawaiian Kahu Richardo Hanako’o. With Richardo, there’s always laughter and smiles. The couple then exchanged touching vows which beautifully encapsulated their love and brought tears to their guests’ eyes.

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Draped in a stylish mermaid gown with lace details, Anna radiated a confident and romantic spirit, which is only to be expected during such a gorgeous celebration. We love how her glowing entourage of luminous bridesmaids were wrapped in a dusky rose that perfectly complemented the blush of the breathtaking bride. 

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Our eyes and hearts were dancing along with the stunning couple as they celebrated their union to the tune of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “White Sandy Beach.” The love they have for each other shone so brightly it was impossible to miss. This is clearly just the beginning.

Hawaii wedding - four seasons

Mahalo, Anna and George for choosing us to be a part of this lovely wedding ceremony in Maui …

Time of Day: Evening

Maui Wedding Location: Four Seasons Maui

Maui Photographer: Samantha and Moorea of Karma Hill Photography

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