Let’s Do This! – Caitlin & Ricky’s Beach Wedding in Maui

February 5, 2020


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Ten years into their relationship, Caitlin and Ricky were relaxing on the couch when she turned to him and casually said, “Hey, let’s have a beach wedding in Maui.” Well, actually, she said, “I think we should get married.” It was exactly how Caitlin always imagined it would be, an open and honest conversation where they made the big decision together.

And it was after researching wedding options in their home state of Washington, that the two made another big decision together. They realized they could arrange a family vacation to Hawaii and have a destination wedding in Maui for the same price tag… So, of course, that’s exactly what they did!

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As high school sweethearts, Caitlin and Ricky have her brother, Devin, to thank for their union.

Or, as Caitlin so frankly (and hilariously!) puts it: “Devin was annoyed that Ricky started talking to me. So I talked to Ricky to intentionally annoy my brother… and our love grew from there.” Sibling rivalry is truly a magical thing!

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There was no shortage of laughs and smiles with this magnetic couple! The deep and honest love that Caitlin and Ricky feel for each other was palpable. It was abundantly clear that this marriage wasn’t just between high school sweethearts… but also between best friends.

Keep scrolling for all of the tenderhearted moments…

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Mahalo nui loa, Caitlin & Ricky, for choosing Simple Maui Wedding to plan your shoreside ceremony. We wish you all the friendship and genuine love in the years ahead…

Session Details:

Time of Day: Morning

Maui Wedding Photographer: Cheynice from Karma Hill Photography

Maui Beach Wedding Location: Southside Beach

Maui Minister: Reverend Joe Miles

Maui Wedding Planner: Diana from Simple Maui Wedding

Musician: Manutea Nui E

Wedding Floral: Rustic Hawaiian bouquet by Dellables

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