100 Beach Wedding Bouquets – Tropical to Boho Inspiration

February 16, 2020


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If you’re planning on saying “I do” on a white sandy shore, you may feel like you’re swimming in a wave of beach wedding bouquet options — ranging from the classic nosegay of roses to the internet craze of hot-glued seashells — Finding the perfect wedding bouquet can seem like an endless pursuit …

Luckily, we’re here to help! Having serviced over 1,800 Maui weddings, we at Simple Maui Wedding are happy to share some of our favorite wedding bouquets from real weddings. As you seek out the perfect floral masterpiece we promise to steer you far away from those seashell-and-glue atrocities (Although they were pretty popular a few years ago).



bridal bouquet with green succulent accent

The succulent is quickly becoming the latest beach bouquet must-have. With its voluptuous leaves and striking appearance, it’s little wonder why … If you’re searching for a touch of untamed, rugged beauty, then look no further than the hearty succulent!

tropical beach wedding bouquet with succulents
Succulent bridal bouquet
Succulent bridal bouquets
Rustic bridal bouquets
Beach themed wedding inspiration
Beach bridal bouquets
Beach wedding flowers
Beach wedding bouquets
Best wedding flowers
Pictures of bridal bouquets
Wedding bridal bouquets

9. Peony Wedding Bouquet

peony bridal bouquet

With roots spreading across the Mediterranean and Asia, the peony is an exquisite Eastern beauty. Because their peak season is in May, peonies are perfectly timed for an early summer beach wedding. But if your heart is set on tying the knot in the Winter or Fall … the garden rose makes for a modern frilly substitute. 

Beach themed wedding inspiration
orange peony bridal bouquet
beach bouquet with eucalyptus and white peonies
fall themed peony wedding bouquet
Best beach bouquets - spring - summer - peonies - peony
peony bouquet

8. Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet

hydrangea bridal bouquet

Available from early spring to late autumn, these treasured blooms make the perfect beach wedding bouquet flower. Bursting in seascape hues from seafoam green to cerulean blue, the hydrangea will make a splash in any shoreside ceremony.

orange hydrangea bridal bouquet
Best beach bouquets
Rustic bridal bouquets
white hydrangeas bridal bouquets
blue hydrangeas bridal bouquets with roses

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Planning on a beach wedding in Hawaii? Or just hoping to elope on the world’s most romantic sandy venue? We’re here to make your dreams come true!

7. Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet

calla lily bridal bouquet

The calla lily enfolds its velvety spathe around a yellow pistil, and the result is a trumpet of seemingly divine origins. Although it’s most commonly seen in hues of ivory, the calla lily is also available in the highly pigmented shades of mahogany, blush, Easter yellow, and sunset flame … not to mention black for all you posh trend-setters out there. 

And because it’s cultivated to grow year-round, this bloom is a can-do for every chic and refined oceanside ceremony.

Lily bouquet
blue calla lily bouquet
white calla lily bouquet
calla lilies with red roses

6. Dahlia Wedding Bouquet

Beach themed wedding inspiration

Available in pom-pom, pincushion, and starlike blooms. With a season ranging from late-summer through autumn and with hues from eggshell to chocolate, the dahlia brings an enchanting drop of Fall to any bridal bouquet.  

Beach bridal bouquets
Beach wedding flowers
Beach wedding bouquets
Best beach bouquets
Pictures of bridal bouquets
Wedding flowers dahlia bridal bouquet
Wedding bridal bouquets

5. Orchid Wedding Bouquet

Orchid bridal bouquets

Long treasured for their feminine allure and pearlescent shimmer, orchids will bring a touch of the tropics to your floral bouquet. With over 28,000 different varieties, there’s sure to be an orchid type that will suit your venue and set your heart aglow. Not sure where to have your beach wedding? Check out our list of gorgeous Maui beach wedding locations.

bridal bouquet with pink and yellow orchids
hawaiian wedding bouquet with monstera leaf and orchids
rustic bridal bouquet inspiration
best beach wedding bouquets
Rustic hawaiian beach wedding bouquet with orchids and monstera leaf
cascading orchid wedding bouquet

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4. Eucalyptus Wedding Bouquet

eucalyptus wedding bouquet

The fragrant eucalyptus perfumes the dreams of lovers. Bursting with the fresh and vibrant scents of crushed mint and upturned soil, and laced with subtle hints of just-picked lavender, eucalyptus sprigs are evocative bouquet inclusions that bring romance to the forefront.

Eucalyptus beach wedding bouquets
beach wedding bouquet with silver dollar eucalyptus
eucalyptus bridal bouquet
best Maui wedding photographers
Foliage bouquet
rustic bridal bouquet - eucalyptus - best maui weddings - beach - venue

3. Anthurium Wedding Bouquet

Curved into a perfect heart with a spike-shaped spadix at the center, the Anthurium has us dreaming of a young lover just pierced by Cupid’s arrow. Originating from South America and as glossy as can be, few flowers are as memorable as the lacy Anthurium.   

Rustic bridal bouquets
authentic hawaiian bridal bouquet with anthurium ginger and ferns

2. Tropical Foliage Wedding Bouquet

Bouquet foliage - beach wedding

Weaving in local foliage is a stylish and economical way to add a sense of place and culture to your Hawaiian destination wedding. From ferns and jade vines to the grand monstera and sacred Ti leaf, no beach bride is complete without a touch of tropical greenery.

Greenery wedding - foliage bouquet
floral greens - beach bridal bouquet
hawaiian leaves in a beach wedding bouquet
rustic beach floral bouquet
monstera leaf and king protea bridal bouquet
greenery wedding bouquet
floral greens - monstera leaf
Bouquet foliage
Accented with tiger stripes, these tropical foliages make an impact and then some!

1. King Protea Wedding Bouquet

King protea wedding bouquets

Proteas are available in many striking varieties, but few are as sensational as the king protea. Transcending time with its prehistoric beauty, this stately king is sure to draw the eye of every guest! That’s why this bloom is true to its name and reigns supreme on our list of top beach wedding bouquets!

Protea flower bouquet
Protea arrangements
King protea bouquet
Protea bouquet
King protea flower
King protea wedding bouquets
best beach wedding bouquets
beach wedding bouquet inspiration
rustic beach wedding bouquet ideas

With the beautiful simplicity of a beach locale, our custom bouquet is an ideal way to bring in the colors you love and give the affair that personal touch.

Whether you’re looking for a dramatic collection of vibrant flowers to serve as a sharp pop of color against the scenery, or a softer blend of shades to complement the warm pastel hues of the tropical sunset, there’s sure to be a beach bouquet perfectly tailored to your style. 

Come drop by our site for all your beach wedding in Maui inspiration! Or read our blog for intimate details on real Maui shoreline ceremonies.

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Planning on a beach wedding in Hawaii? Or just hoping to elope on the world’s most romantic sandy venue? We’re here to make your dreams come true!

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