Ashley & William’s Vibrant Maui Beach Elopement

October 4, 2022


It was a beautiful Morning at Baldwin Beach: The sky was bright and blue, the waves rolled gently to shore, and Ashley & William got married. We loved this Maui Beach Elopement and are excited to share these stunning images!

From heartfelt vows to playful portraits, from nervous arrivals to that joyful pronouncement, we’ve put together some of our favorite memories of Ashley & William’s Maui wedding day! Check them out below!

Maui Beach Elopement ceremony
Maui Beach Elopement

From Preschool to Forever

Ashley & William grew up in the same town and went to preschool together, so they’ve pretty much known each other their whole lives! But what brought them from toddling cuties to lifelong partners? Their love story began in high school — They started dating when they were seniors and have been together ever since.

Years passed, and they eventually joined us for a Maui Beach Elopement. They got engaged in 2018. It was a quiet Christmas Day proposal, perfect for this private couple. Not ones to stage big productions or go over the top, Ashley & William wanted their wedding to be simple yet special.

We’re so glad we could help them plan a wedding that was right for them. Baldwin Beach was a vibrant and scenic setting, and Richardo officiated a heartfelt ceremony, complete with Hawaiian traditions and a beautiful blessing.

Ashley & William have so many loved ones supporting them from back home, and now they get to share beautiful Maui Beach Elopement photos with them. They’re a stunning couple who brought so much life and emotion to each image!

Maui Beach Elopement
Maui Beach Elopement by Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Beach Elopement

The Right Time & Place for a Maui Beach Elopement

We love morning weddings at Baldwin Beach. The water takes on a bright, turquoise color and the West Maui Mountains stand tall in the distance. There’s soft golden sand here, along with lush greenery and lots of space to explore.

It was so much fun to spend the morning with Ashley & William. We included lots of time for newlywed portraits during their Maui Beach Elopement, so they walked along the shoreline, cooled off in the shade, and embraced the North Shore winds that carried them warmth and blessings.

As the sun lifted higher into the sky, it was time to bid aloha to the gorgeous pair. Though this was their first time visiting Maui, we know it won’t be their last. Now that they’ve had a Maui Beach Elopement, Ashley & William will be drawn to the islands again and again, each time finding a new adventure and romance.

Maui Beach Elopement
Maui Beach Elopement
Maui Beach Elopement
Maui Beach Elopement
Karma Hill Photography Maui Beach Elopement
Maui Beach Elopement at Baldwin Beach
Elope in Maui with Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Beach Elopement
Maui Beach Elopement
Maui Beach Elopement
Maui Beach Elopement North Shore

Congratulations, Ashley & William! Mahalo for choosing us as your Maui elopement coordinator!


Time of Day: Morning

Hawaii Wedding Photographer: Ashlyn from Karma Hill Photography

Hawaii Beach Location: Baldwin Beach

Maui Wedding Planner: Simple Maui Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Emmy from Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Minister: Reverend Richardo

Wedding Florals: Pastel Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet by Dellables

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Maui Beach Elopement

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