Funniest Maui Destination Wedding “Whoops Moments”!

June 22, 2020

We all dream of having an absolutely perfect Maui destination wedding, but sometimes perfect weddings include not-so-perfect moments! These are the candid shots that we absolutely love and we’re going to call them “whoops” moments.

As wedding photographers, it’s our job to capture the true memories of your special day. We shoot the traditional moments, the details, and all of the moments in between. To bring a little cheer to your day, we’ve compiled some of our favorite “whoops” moments and encourage you to have a little fun when things don’t necessarily go as planned.

Maui Destination Wedding
Maui Destination Wedding

When was the last time you witnessed the groom having to put his wedding ring on himself during a ceremony? We see this happen occasionally, but during this particular Maui destination wedding, the bride’s expressions said it all! We couldn’t help but laugh with her behind the lens too!

Maui Destination Wedding

This little photo bomber was this bride and groom’s son! What a cutie enjoying the beach the best way he knows how!

Maui Destination Wedding

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Believe it or not, but this “whoops” moment was planned, so falling into the water was intentional. BUT what really made this moment was the fact this sequence was supposed to be captured on video by a relative….who forgot to press the record button!

A rogue wave might make a splash on your big day if you’re having a beach wedding, but never underestimate your guests’ ability to make a splash! We all have that one friend who isn’t afraid to showcase ALL of their personality! Remember, when your Maui destination wedding is a party, the animals come out to play! #overserved

These moments were unforgettable! So, if you’re getting ready for your Maui destination wedding, the best advice we have for you is to enjoy it and let what’s meant to be happen. You never know, it could make for amazing candids that you’ll cherish (or laugh about!) for years to come.

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