Maui Beach Wedding Locations – Lahaina Shores Highlight

August 7, 2020


Maui beach wedding locations don’t get much better than Lahaina Shores. This Maui gem is right in the heart of Lahaina Town and sits in front of the beautifully designed 505 Front Street. Follow along and we’ll review why Lahaina Shores is on our list of the all-time best beaches for weddings!

Lahaina Shores is one of our favorite Maui wedding locations because of its convenience, consistent weather and dynamic sunsets. It’s close to the resort areas of Lahaina, Kaanapali and Kapalua and many restaurants on Lahaina’s famed front street. This location has a lot to offer!

Maui Wedding Location Details

Lahaina Shores is located in Lahaina Town on the West side of Maui.

  • 45 min to 1 hr from Kihei
  • 10-25 min from Kaanapali & Kapalua

If you’re a nautical-lover at heart, then Lahaina Shores is the perfect Maui wedding location. Because of its close proximity to Lahaina Harbor, this sweet little beach is often dotted with sailboats drifting on the horizon.

Pacific’o restaurant and The Feast at Lele front this beach, offering great reception options just steps from your ceremony!

Lahaina Shores Beach Resort and Condos are also right next to the beach, so you could stay, get married and have a wonderful reception dinner all within a few steps of each other!

The weather at Lahaina Shores Beach is extremely consistent, it rarely rains and the winds usually stay light. It’s also a great back up location for other beaches with more volatile weather like Ironwoods.

maui beach wedding locations

There is a limited amount of parking on the street and in the public lot at Lahaina Shores Beach. But there is also a paid parking lot across from the beach that always has plenty of spaces, so you don’t have to worry about there not being enough spots for you and your guests.

You’ll meet your onsite coordinator at the front of the 505 Front Street shops. It’s an easy meet-up spot for guests who may be driving over separately as well.

If the tide is low enough, we’ll have the ceremony closer to the Lahaina Shores Beach Resort, where we can avoid the noise of the surf school and restaurants. Otherwise we’ll pick a spot closer to the shopping center that has enough space for your group to gather and for your photographer to capture the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we love to take the newlyweds all around the beach and surrounding park for fun and romantic portraits!

maui beach wedding locations

Other Considerations

  • Lahaina Shores is a popular spot for surfers just learning to ride the waves, so it can be busy when surf lessons are in session.
  • A high tide can limit the space we have for a ceremony at Lahaina Shores Beach, so it works best for groups of about 15 or less.
  • Since it’s next to shopping, restaurants, and a hotel, this beach doesn’t feel very secluded. It’s perfect for couples who want a fun surf-town or Vintage Hawaii vibe for their wedding.
  • Unlike most of our favorite Maui beach locations, Lahaina Shores Beach is busiest in the morning, so we recommend it for sunset weddings.
  • With 505 Front Street, canoes, a grass shack, and other fun items, this beach offers a variety of great props and backdrops that you simply can’t find at other locales!
  • Keep scrolling to see all of the whimsical charm!
maui beach wedding locations
maui beach wedding locations
maui beach wedding locations

And of course, as a westward-facing beach, you just can’t beat the vivid sunsets at this Maui wedding location!

Come check out our recent Maui weddings at Lahaina Shores! And for more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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