Kanaha Beach Park Highlight – Beautiful Maui Wedding Location

August 17, 2020


Kanaha Beach Park is a Maui gem that is sure to fill you with the Aloha Spirit! It’s our most overlooked Maui beach wedding location, but with its unique features and benefits, Kanaha Beach could easily be the best fit for your Maui wedding.

Our company’s founder, Karma Hill, considers Kanaha Beach one of the top sandy shores on the island! So there’s sure to be something extra special about it! With deeply hued waters paired against the greenery of the West Maui Mountains, your wedding photos will showcase a unique side of Maui that not many visitors have the luxury of seeing.

Where is Kanaha Beach Park Located?

Kanaha Beach is located minutes from the Kahului Airport and roughly 45 minutes away from the island’s popular resort areas. Its distance from the top hotels keeps many beachgoers and weddings away. That’s also what makes it such a great choice for a beach wedding, though. We’ve never seen multiple weddings at this beach like we have at our other Maui beach wedding locations. And on weekdays it’s easy to find a spot away from anyone relaxing or exercising on the beach!

maui beach wedding locations
Mornings at Kanaha are bright and vibrant! The picturesque scenery is truly unbeatable!
maui beach wedding locations
maui beach wedding locations
That backdrop looks like a painting!! Perfect cloud cover, gorgeous mountains, empty beach! It doesn’t get much prettier than this!

Kanaha Beach Park Details

Kanaha Beach features a variety of backdrops and areas to explore! Located on the coastal line of Kahului, this location is a rare gem in the busy(ish) Maui city.

  • 15 minutes from the Paia area
  • 40 minutes from Kihei
  • 1 hour or more from Lahaina

There’s plenty of parking at this Maui beach wedding location. Our wedding coordinator will meet you in the parking lot and guide you through the trees to the best spots for capturing your special memories. Morning hours here are vivid and blue, while sunsets tend to be a bit more subdued.

maui beach wedding locations
maui beach wedding locations
maui beach wedding locations
The beautiful West Maui Mountains, also known as Pu’ukukui offer a gorgeous backdrop to your wedding day!

Other Considerations For Kanaha Beach

  • You’ll only want to choose Kanaha Beach for a weekday wedding. Since it’s in the residential area of the island, it’s extra busy on the weekends when locals are enjoying the beach with their ʻohana
  • With several parking lots, there’s plenty of parking at this Maui beach wedding location
  • Kanaha can be a bit windy but we can oftentimes find a spot that’s tucked behind a hill to keep you and your guests out of the wind
  • The park has picnic areas and showers to rinse your feet before you leave
  • Kitesurfers can often be spotted in the distance and will use the beach to access the water
  • Sea turtles are frequently seen in the ocean
  • This beach is somewhat secluded on weekdays so there are days with very few beach-goers
Sunset timing is more subdue in color. The softer pastels and lighter colors create a beautiful dreamy look for your wedding pictures.
maui beach wedding locations
We love how the clouds have covered the Pu’ukukui mountain range and the sun seeps through. Sunset time is when these effects are created because the sun is setting just on the other side of the mountain!
maui beach wedding locations
maui beach wedding locations
maui beach wedding locations

At this Maui beach wedding location, the sun sets behind the West Maui Mountains, but sunsets here still offer dreamy and magical skies.

You can find more gorgeous photos captured at Kanaha Beach here. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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