Getting Married in Maui at Polo Beach – All You Need to Know

August 5, 2020


One of the thrills of getting married on Maui is selecting the perfect venue or beach location. Sure, all of our beaches are beautiful, but each has its own special charm and enchanting atmosphere. In this post, we’ll take a look at one of our favorite Maui beaches, Polo Beach!

Marrying at Polo Beach

Polo Beach is especially convenient for couples staying at the Fairmont Kea Lani or the Polo Beach Club. However, this could be a great wedding location even if you aren’t staying right by the beach!

Located right in Wailea and only 5-15 minutes from Kihei, Polo Beach is a convenient and beautiful beach for getting married in Maui. It also has plenty of parking, restrooms and a paved pathway that can be used to access much of the beach.

Our onsite coordinator can meet you in the public beach parking lot or near the hotel pathway, depending on whether you drive to the ceremony or walk down from the Kea Lani. It’s also common for the couple to come from the hotel and the guests to drive from nearby, so we can help you plan multiple meet up spots.

The public parking lot at Polo Beach features shady picnic tables, so your guests will have a nice spot to gather before the coordinator guides them to the ceremony area!

Polo Beach can accommodate groups of up to 30, but a smaller group will give you more options for a quieter ceremony spot. Since it’s located in front of a resort, this beach can be busy with playful children and mellow sunbathers. So you do sacrifice some privacy for the convenience to the hotel and restaurants.

Highlights of a Polo Beach Wedding

  • Located in Wailea, right in front of the Fairmont Kea Lani
  • A great option if you wanted to get ready, have the ceremony, and dine all in the same place
  • Can be busier since it’s in front of a resort
  • Beautiful both in the morning and at sunset
  • Works great for elopements and groups of up to 30
  • Has a paved pathway, restrooms, and ample parking

Getting Ready for your Polo Beach Wedding

Located right off the Fairmont Kea Lani Resort, Polo Beach is the perfect locale for couples who want to remain near a beautiful place of lodging and take their time gussying up. Pictured below are a few getting-ready looks taken at the Kea Lani. With separate lodging, our bride and groom were able to deck themselves in their finest wedding gear and share the moment with their friends and family, all while keeping their looks secret from their soon-to-be. They then took the short stroll to Polo Beach where they said “I do” with their toes in the sand!

Getting Married in Maui

Reception Options Near Polo Beach

Most couples getting married in Maui at a beach choose a nearby restaurant for a reception, even if that means driving a little bit between the ceremony and reception. It can oftentimes be expensive and complicated to have a ceremony and reception all in one place, but Polo Beach is a wonderful exception to that rule!

The Fairmont Kea Lani is home to 2 great restaurants: Nick’s Fishmarket and Ko. Both restaurants have group dining options that allow you to have a simple & cost-effective restaurant reception in a beautiful setting. They’re also only steps away from Polo Beach!

So you can have a gorgeous ceremony at Polo Beach and a special & intimate reception without having to drive between locations! If you get ready at the Fairmont Kea Lani, you can have the full convenience of a resort wedding on Maui without the steep costs!

Mornings at Polo Beach in Maui

Polo Beach is graced with a rocky embankment that meets a lush carpet of greenery and leggy palms. Getting married in Maui at this beautiful beach location will likely boast bright, blue mornings and beautiful sunsets.

Featured here is an intimate Maui elopement during the morning hours at Polo Beach. Mornings tend to have gentler weather with fewer clouds and less wind. There are also often fewer beachgoers during the early hours as well as a calmer tide, perfect for those toes-in-the-ocean moments.

polo beach wedding

Getting married in Maui during the morning hours usually means brighter and more vibrant wedding photos. Your images will capture the classic “tropical” look and seem as if you just stepped out of a Hawaii postcard. If you love the rich colors of Hawaii, then consider saying “I do” at Polo Beach during the morning hours.

Getting Married in Maui - polo beach

Your Maui wedding photographer will take care to seek out only the best spots at this beautiful beach, capturing the gorgeous backdrop and highlighting your fun personalities. With the West Maui Mountains and the glistening ocean in the backdrop, there’s plenty of beautiful scenery to indulge in — from golden sands to tidal ponds and greenery, you’ll find yourself going on an intimate adventure as you capture those just-married photos.

polo beach wedding

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Getting Married in Maui
polo beach wedding
Getting Married in Maui

Sunset Hour at Polo Beach

Sunsets are one of the most memorable things about getting married in Maui! And as a Westward facing shore, Polo Beach has some of the most consistent and gorgeous sunsets we’ve seen.

If you plan to say “I do” during the golden hour at Polo Beach, you’ll be treated to softer lighting with elongated shadows and rich undertones. Your wedding photos will feature angelic backlighting that casts pastel overlays across the seascape.

polo beach wedding
Getting Married in Maui

Wind and cloud coverage during the afternoon hours at Polo Beach tends to be a little more intense than during the morning hours, but if you’re hoping for a take-your-breath-away sunset, then a few clouds are your friend! Clouds act like a mirror for the setting sun and capture the rich hues of the sunset.

Keep scrolling for images and lighting captured just before the sun dipped below the horizon.

polo beach wedding
Getting Married in Maui
polo beach wedding
polo beach wedding
Getting Married in Maui

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Types of Sunsets at Polo Beach

A common misconception is that all Hawaii sunsets look the same: golden skies with stripes of pink. The reality is that every sunset is different and each has its own magic. Below are some of our favorite Polo Beach sunsets: from crisp, golden light, to soft peach, this Westward facing beach says “Aloha” to the day in the most spectacular way! And don’t forget those incredible deep blues that flood the sky just moments after the sun says farewell…

polo beach wedding
Getting Married in Maui
polo beach
Getting Married in Maui - polo beach

Polo Beach is a spectacular shore to tie the knot on! If you have any questions, send them our way! We’re always more than happy to chat with our clients!

For more info on getting married in Maui, come read our guide: Maui for Honeymooners.

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