Top 5 Maui Beach Wedding Dress Styles – Tropical Inspiration

April 30, 2020


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Saying “I do” in a Maui wedding dress under the Hawaiian sun is all the magic a girl could wish for! But pinch yourself … because this is your reality! 

The big question has been popped. The location has been set…

And now you’re left wondering… what’s a girl to wear? Will a sweetheart neckline look okay on a rustic locale? Can the dress be short? Will a streamer or a train work on a sandy shore? 

Yes to all of that!

Simple Maui Wedding has coordinated thousands of real Hawaiʻi ceremonies, and with help from our Maui wedding photographers, we’ve hand-selected our favorite cuts and drapes that are sure to complement any bride and any Maui venue. From jewel-encrusted gowns to silken simplicity, we’ve got your inspiration covered!

So grab a coconut water and scroll along with us as we detail our top 5 Maui wedding dress styles:

Maui Beach Wedding Dress Style #1: Boho-Magic

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter what you wear on your special day as long as you and your partner rejoice in your union. It’s your relationship that comes first, and your wedding dress is truly just another outfit.

But that said, what bride doesn’t want to feel gorgeous in an enchanting gown?!

We’ve titled this style “Boho-Magic” but it’s often referred to as Boho-Chic. Perfect for the artistic bride with a carefree spirit, this style blends in seamlessly with the tropical locales of Maui beaches. Boho-Chic showcases its gypsy origins with Indian-inspired floaty skirts, embroidery work, delicate beading, geometric lace patterns, and Roman-style drapery.

This versatile style is perfect for brides with a whimsical and spontaneous side but who still long for the historical beauty of a classic.

While you’re dreaming about your own Maui wedding dress, be sure to read these four tips:

Maui Beach Wedding Dress Style #2: Clean & Classic

With timeless grace and an elegant silhouette, this Maui wedding dress never goes out of style.

V-neck or sweetheart, princess seam or mermaid cut, it’s the simplicity of these gowns that make them stunning. Nothing fussy or overly complicated, just smooth lines and casual draping. The “Clean & Classic” style highlights the bride’s natural beauty and stands out against the rustic oceanfront.

This style is perfectly suited for the regal bride who balances princess candor with modern simplicity. Need proof? Keep scrolling!

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Maui Beach Wedding Dress Style #3: Lace Princess

Perhaps the most popular dress style for a Maui wedding, lace gowns perfectly marry the magic of childhood with luxurious high-end designs. The intricate weavings call back to the “original” white wedding dress of Queen Victoria in the mid-17th century.

That’s why we’ve dubbed this third style “Lace Princess.” While it may resemble “Boho-Magic” at first glance, these designs draw inspiration from European lacework with a focus on finely thatched florals and elegant patterns instead of the bold geometrics associated with Bohemian styles.

This bridal dress style is perfect for fairytale weddings with traditional details.

Keep scrolling to indulge in all the royal luxury!

Maui Beach Wedding Dress Style #4: Tidal Angel

We’ve named this style “Tidal Angel” because it’s all about the way a gown shimmers and moves.

From dense ruffles to weightless chiffon, a Maui bridal dress that ripples like the tide is a sight to behold! And with accents of intricate lace or droplets of gemstones, these gowns not only reflect the beauty of the bride but the spirit of the sea.

Just add the tropical breeze and brilliant Hawaiian sun, and this style practically comes alive! This dress trend is best suited for the playful and spirited bride who loves a drop (or tidal wave) of extravagance.

Planning your own Hawaii wedding? Our Maui wedding coordinators and wedding planners on Oahu are here to help!

Maui Beach Wedding Dress Style #5: The Rule-Bender

Who says a wedding dress has to be white? Or long? Or a dress, for that matter? Even though we’ve titled this style “The Rule-Bender” there really are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to wedding dress varieties. If your gown fills you with joy, your radiance will outshine even the most shimmery of conventional fabrics! 

So throw caution to the tropical breeze and be bold, be playful, and most importantly, be yourself. You’re in Hawaii… you’re getting married to the person of your dreams… what better time to make a statement and have fun! 

We’ve sorted this style into 3 “Rule-Bending” cornerstones: Patters, Hems, and Hues. Tryout patterns that show off your charm, shorten those hems so you can kick up the sand, or dip yourself in hues that will make the traditional white dress blush.


We’re obsessed with the delicate and girlish charm of these printed and embroidered patterns. What a way to embody your whimsical side!


You’ll be kicking up sand on your Special Day, so don’t be afraid to raise that hem and go barefoot to show off your spunk! Check out these adorable rule-benders!


If you love the rule-bender style as much as we do, then you’re sure to fall in love with these colorful brides! A surprising hue makes an impression while showcasing your unique personality!

Whether you decide to have your gown custom-designed or choose to alter a family heirloom, as long as you love your wedding dress, it’s sure to make a splash on every Maui beach wedding location!

The hardest search is over… you’ve already found “The One”! And your dream gown is sure to be next… Happy dress hunting!

Got an idea for your gown but need something for your partner to wear? Check out our tips for grooms’ attire.

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