Is a Maui Beach Wedding Right for You? – 4 Mindset “Must-Haves”

February 11, 2020


Last Updated on January 23, 2023 by Karma Hill

A Maui beach wedding is the ultimate ceremony location! The salty mist of the rolling sea, the white powdery sand, the kiss of the late-afternoon sun on your shoulders make for all the perfect ceremony elements. Hello paradise!

While the ocean provides a splash of the to your big day,Mother Nature can be wild and unpredictable; especially on an island! It takes a certain adventurous spirit to appreciate her exquisite beauty. Wind, tropical rainstorms, rougue waves, and all!

Some couples prefer a ceremony right by the water, even if its a public affair with limited control. Others prefer the privacy and predictability afforded by one of our gorgeous Maui wedding venues. Both options are romantic and highlight unique features of the island … but which one is right for you? 


Since 2009, Simple Maui Wedding has serviced nearly 2000 wedding ceremonies, and we’ve learned how important it is to carefully consider the pros and cons of a beach wedding before making your final decision. Doing so will guarantee a happy day which celebrates you, your partner, and your love … because that’s truly what it’s all about! 

  • Do you long for a simple & intimate ceremony over a grand spectacle?
  • Do you have a go-with-the-flow attitude?
  • Do you love flexibility? (Are you a flexible person who can allow for a change of plans if nature requires it?)
  • Do you and your wedding party enjoy being carefree? 
  • Do you hope to savor your day rather than orchestrate it?  
  • Would you rather focus on you and your partner’s love and commitment rather than superfluous details?

If you’ve answered “yes” to all of these, then a Maui beach ceremony might be perfect for you! Follow along with us as we explore these four beach wedding mindset “Must-Haves” … 

Must-Have #1: The Desire for a Simple & Intimate Ceremony

Ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 less than our venue ceremonies, a Maui beach wedding package is a simple yet stunning alternative. If you love the idea of keeping it easy and breezy, then let the tropical greenery and panoramic views do the decorating for you! This truly is a “must-have” because many decorative items are prohibited on Maui beaches. Saying “I do” on the beach might not be the ideal option if you had your heart set on white chairs and a ceremonial arch on the beach (or anything else that needs to be stuck into the sand).

There are, however, a few clever workarounds that we’re more than happy to provide. Standing in a personalized flower circle that matches your bouquet is a lovely and unique way to tie the knot. And our custom “Just Maui’d” sign adds that extra “postcard-worthy” flair to your pictures. Flower sconces are beautiful options that add an elegant and celebratory touch!

Lastly, think about personal elements you can bring to the ceremony! Our couples love getting creative by including touching details that make their day even more unique and personal…

maui beach wedding

Since the maxium guest limit set by state law is 30, by design a beach ceremony is bound to be inimate and simple. So if your dream wedding is just the two of you with your nearest and dearest by your side, then a sandy beach might just be the perfect location for you!

Because of the inimacy of a beach ceremony, your guests will be standing close by, ready to celebrate with warm hugs just moments following the sacred kiss. We love the charming chit-chat and laughter shared between guests and couples during the ceremony, but we recognize such intimacy and informality isn’t for everyone. If you love the idea of a small and close-knit ceremony, then read on for more mindset must-haves!

Must-Have #2: A Flexible Attitude

Nature is unpredicable. Be prepared that anything can happen during a beach wedding …

Does this include a breathtaking Hawaiian rainbow arching across the sky? Yes, they are the islands signature! But like the word implies – rain is apart of the picture! Having a beach wedding requires flexibility. We try our utmost to ensure that everything goes according to plan and that your Maui wedding is as stress-free and as you’ve imagiuned, but there are some natural forces outside of our control …

maui beach wedding

Given the enviromental conditions of being on an island, rain is always a possibility on Maui. Also, episodes of brush fires and close-calls with hurricanes are not unheard of either. Thankfully, our team is phenomenally dedicated and always up-to-date on potential curveballs. We keep a well-trained eye on the clouds and we’ve had great success pulling off emergency location swaps that take our couples from rain to shine. While we can never guarantee it will be sunny, if we believe the weather will be milder at another shoreside, we may advise you to make a last minute switch. This means that having flexibility could make the difference between rainbows and rain showers. 

maui beach wedding

That said, there are rare occasions when the clouds are island-wide … and in these cases, we bring out the umbrellas and get ready to make a splash! If you’re unfamiliar with how charming and fun a rainy beach wedding can be, these photos say it all! There’s a reason why rain is considered a blessing in Hawaii…

Have questions about planning for the weather? Read our tips on preparing for a rainy beach wedding.

It’s not just rain that might require your flexibility, it could be anything from jellyfish warnings, highsurf advisories, to children’s birthday parties … or even things we haven’t yet experienced! Allowing and embracing change will help prepare you for big day with your partner, come what may … at the end of the day your love and committment is ultimately the only thing that really matters! 

beach wedding

Must-Have #3: A Carefree Nature

There’s nothing like the photo-bombing magic of humpback whales frolicking in the waterfront as you say “I do.” … But what about an elderly man in a speedo and cowboy hat frolicking in the waves while you exchange rings? Yes, we’ve seen it before! It’s these moments that truly require a “go-with-the-flow” attitude which an make or break your special day.

With the exception of a few government areas,all beaches in Hawaii are open to the public. This can mean anything from children and dogs to barbeques and loud music… and yes, even a speedo or two. And due to regulations, we’re unable to ask anyone to leave or move during our time on the beach. But luckily our all-star photo editing team is on the job! And with their magic editing wands (and hours of hard work), they make those beachgoers in fade (quite literally) into the background. Although, we can photoshop that puppy or beach birthday party out to an extent – if the beach is very crowded it can be too diffcult to erase everyone out! So to that we say – we’ll do our best and embrace it!

Curious What Our Photo Editing Team Can Do?

Here’s an example of their “Before & After” artistry:

*While our team is extremely talented, we can only guarantee complete removal of beachgoers at one of our specially selected beach locations. 

A carefree attitude during these unexpected moments can make the difference between laughter and merriment or frowns and contempt. A difficult time parking can be viewed as an adventurous detour. A wave that splashes up to your knees becomes an embrace from the sea. A curious child venturing too close becomes a friendly face you won’t soon forget. We can always remove the sunbathers, but we can’t photoshop that enchanting twinkle into your eyes as you look at your partner, so let it shine!

Must-Have #4: The Ability to Let Go

maui beach wedding

It’s common for a bride or groom to have a to-do-list on their wedding day. While it can be a very effective strategy, it can also turn a day that should be bursting with happiness into just another chore to finish.

We’re here to get those chores done! After working with numerous wedding clients we know what works, and know what’s going to give you the best experience possible. Beach weddings are all about the individual moment. We go above and beyond to ensure that everything goes according to plan, but sometimes details need to be adjusted moment-by-moment…especially if they are at the beach.

Your ability to let go and trust in our many years of knowledge not only keeps the ceremony running as smoothly as possible, but also allows you to relax and indulge in your magical day. Things change, and that’s okay.

You may have a beautiful vision of a noon wedding on the beach. While we think this sounds lovely, we know from experience that the best time for a shoreline ceremony is during the early morning or late afternoon. Not only is the sun hot and harsh during the midday hours, but the lighting is also extremely difficult to photograph and unflattering. Shadows under the eyes and glistening foreheads along with sweaty unhappy guests are common occurrences for mid-day ceremonies. And no one wants that on their big day! We want you to feel and look your best on your big day, including as your guests!

So, trust us to be your guide! We’ll work with you to create a dream beach wedding that’s achievable, comfortable, and as magical as can be …   

beach wedding

Ready for a Beach Wedding?

So after considering these factors you’ve made up your mind; you know that a beach wedding is perfect for you. Now what? First, let us say that we are SO happy for you! You’re one step closer to your dreamy beach wedding!

And now that you know what a beach wedding is truly like, take a moment to go over a few of our shoreline wedding tips:

  • If you have long hair, try to find an updo or a tied back style that you adore. The wind can pick up at any time–don’t let a stray strand obscure that radiant smile of yours and end up in your favorite wedding photo! Read our bridal hair tips for more info!
  • Love the free-flowing beach hair look? Then consider one of our gorgeous flower crowns. A flower crown (also known as a haku lei) is a traditional Hawaiian adornment that adds a touch of exotic beauty and culture to any beach wedding.  And the options are endless!
haku flower crown
  • Consider bringing special props or unique details that showcase your personal style and love story. Be creative! Unique ring holders, handmade signs, pineapples as decor. We LOVE when couples include elements that reflect who they are, their love story, and where they’ve been. 
  • Think about “trashing” that dress! Photo sessions where the bride isn’t afraid to get a little wet or sandy can make for unforgettable keepsakes that will be passed down for generations!
  • Lastly, make sure your guests know what to expect! Inform them ahead of time about the lack of seating and possible parking scenarios.

Not sure if a beach wedding is right for you?

Maybe you’ve decided that a beach wedding isn’t right for you. And that’s ok! Maybe you’d prefer a more structured venue wedding with an indoor option? That’s wonderful!

Maui Venue weddings can truly be the best of both worlds!Because after the ceremony (as long as weather and time permits), it’s often possible to travel down to the shoreline for some exquiste newlywed photos like the ones below!

beach wedding

So regardless if you decide to say “I do” at sunset to the sounds of the waves or on the terrace of an elengant venue, you can’t go wrong with a Simple Maui wedding!

Congratulations on taking this next step in your relationship! We look forward to helping you create a magical day in paradise!

Need more wedding inspiration? Come browse our recent beach and venue ceremonies! And if you still have questions, take a look at our FAQ or Contact US.

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