Inseparable – Saleena & Todd’s Maui Venue Wedding

February 12, 2021


What a special day we had with Saleena & Todd! Their Maui venue wedding was absolutely stunning in every way and we’re so excited to relive it here with you through photos!

The Steeple House in Kapalua offers a private setting while still overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The bridal suite provided a cool setting for Saleena to put the final touches before her walk down the aisle. She looked so gorgeous and we really loved capturing all her beauty and excitement. She walked out of the Steeple House to the ceremony setting where Todd and her friends and family awaited her arrival. Their stunning ceremony was officiated by Saleena’s brother which made the vows even more special. Afterward they all celebrated with group portraits and some cake!!

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Maui first look
Maui first look photos
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This photo really portrays the setting for Saleena & Todd’s outdoor wedding experience. It was a beautiful event shared with family and friends with a gorgeous blue ocean in the background while being surrounded by warm temperatures and a beautiful green landscape.

venue wedding in Maui
Steeple house wedding in Maui


Maui venue wedding at the steeple house
just mauid
Maui wedding at the steeple house
hawaii wedding
Maui wedding cake cutting
maui wedding toast
Hawaii wedding venues
The Steeple house
The Steeple house

Saleena & Todd’s hook up was such a sweet (and direct) story. Saleena’s mom actually hooked the two up! She went right up to Todd in the shop they worked together at and asked if he was single? Mom got his number for Saleena so she texted him later that week. The two have been inseparable ever since! Thanks mom!! Nice work!

The Steeple house
Steeple house Maui venue wedding
The Steeple house
The Steeple house wedding
Maui groom photo
Maui venue wedding at the Steeple House
Maui wedding
wedding ring shot

Saleena & Todd decided that on their wedding day they wanted a few portraits of the two of them but it was also very important for them to celebrate with their family. They chose to add on another 1 hour session the very next day so that they could get some more memorable shots just the two of them. We really enjoyed having the extra time with them, they were relaxed, happy, and looking amazing for their portraits!!

hawaii groom photos
Hawaii venue wedding

Mahalo for choosing us to coordinate your beautiful Maui wedding Saleena & Todd! It was a gorgeous day celebrating a gorgeous couple and we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Venue: The Steeple House

Maui Beach Wedding Portraits Location: Ironwoods Beach

Maui Wedding Planner: Simple Maui Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Emily of Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Wedding Photographer: Samantha of Karma Hill Photography

Maui Minister: Zach, brides brother

Wedding Floral: Custom Bouquet by Dellables

Wedding Videographer: Gaucho Visuals

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