Timeless Love: Cynthia & Givven’s Vow Renewal In Maui

June 22, 2024


In a heartwarming celebration, Cynthia and Givven commemorated their 25th wedding anniversary with a beautiful vow renewal in Maui. This enchanting ceremony, held at the picturesque Gather On Maui, captured the essence of their enduring love against the breathtaking backdrop of Hawaii’s natural beauty.

Vow Renewal in Maui

A Love Story Spanning Decades

Cynthia and Givven’s love story began in high school, blossoming into a partnership that has thrived for over three decades. As they prepared to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, they chose the tranquil island of Maui, captivated by its serene beauty and calming atmosphere. Givven, a dedicated hazardous goods agent, and Cynthia, a compassionate registered nurse, have built a life centered around their love for each other, their loving children, and their close friends and family.

Vow Renewal at Gather On Maui

An Unforgettable Ceremony at Sunset

Encircled by beautiful tropical flowers, Cynthia and Givven stood hand in hand, surrounded by family and friends. The setting was perfect – vibrant pink bougainvillea and towering palm trees framed the scene, while the expansive ocean backdrop provided a picturesque vow renewal setting. The couple exchanged heartfelt vows, their words carried by the gentle ocean breeze, creating a moment that was both intimate and profound for all.

Capturing Moments of Joy and Love

Our Maui vow renewal photographer beautifully captured the essence of Cynthia and Givven’s love frame by frame. The couple is seen under the warm sun, surrounded by attentive guests seated in white chairs, taking in the love and joy of the moment.

The celebration continues with Cynthia and Givven standing hand in hand, their loved ones close by, all set against the idyllic backdrop of the ocean and lush greenery. Each image radiates the happiness and unity shared on this special day, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of their vow renewal.

Maui vow renewal group photo

Timeless Beauty and Elegance

Cynthia looked radiant in her flowing white gown, holding a bouquet of orchids, anthuriums, and roses. Her elegant dress complemented the natural beauty of the setting. Givven wore relaxed island formal attire, including a short-sleeved button-down and tan linen pants. He also wore a traditional tei leaf lei around his neck. Their attire enhanced the visual appeal of the photos, highlighting their simple yet elegant personalities. The couple’s deep connection to each other and the environment was beautifully captured.

Maui vow renewal

Cynthia and Givven’s vow renewal in Maui was a celebration of enduring love, family, and the beauty of life’s journey together. As the sun set over the tranquil ocean, they stood hand in hand, their hearts full of joy and love, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Their story is a beautiful reminder that love, when nurtured and cherished, only grows stronger with time.

Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Vow Renewal Photographer: Samantha from Karma Hill Photography

Onsite Coordinator: Rebecca of Simple Maui Wedding

Florals: Leis, Flower Circle, Maui Elegance Bouquet by Dellables

Vow Renewal In Maui: by Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Vow Renewal Venue: Gather On Maui

Beach Location in Maui: Southside Beach

Maui Officiant: Reverend Kuya

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