Sun, Sand, & “I Do”: Shelly & Adam’s Maui Beach Wedding

June 27, 2024


Witnessing Shelly and Adam’s Maui Beach Wedding at Ironwoods Beach felt like stepping into a romantic movie scene. The setting sun over the glistening ocean created a breathtaking celebration of love and commitment. This day was not just any wedding; it was a heartfelt union marked by the joy of creating a beautiful family and the surprise of a rainbow, a lucky sign during a wedding celebration.

Maui beach wedding
beach wedding ceremony in Maui

A Journey of Love

Shelly and Adam’s journey together began in high school, a classic tale of love that blossomed over the years. Their engagement at a family party marked the beginning of their forever. Shelly, a devoted mother of three—two boys and a girl—found her perfect match in Adam, who embraced her family with open arms.

Lei ceremony for wedding in Hawaii

Emotional Highlights

One of the most memorable moments was when Shelly and Adam shared a tender embrace, their love radiating through every touch and glance. Shelly’s veil, adorned with delicate flowers, flowed gently in the breeze, creating a picture-perfect scene against the backdrop of the shimmering ocean. Adam’s content smile as Shelly came in for a kiss was a testament to their deep connection and happiness.

bride kissing groom - super sweet and romantic

A Day Filled with Love and Joy

Shelly looked stunning in her white gown adorned with lace accents and a flowing veil that danced in the wind. Her bouquet, a gorgeous array of pastel flowers, added a touch of elegance to her bridal look. Adam, looking dapper in a blue suit with a pink tie, stood by her side, his eyes filled with love and admiration.

The couple was surrounded by their loved ones, including Shelly’s daughter, who served as a bridesmaid in a pink dress with a floral crown, and her two sons, who wore matching Hawaiian shirts, bringing a playful touch to the ceremony. The officiant, Derick Sebastian, guided them through their vows, his words resonating with sincerity and warmth.

beach wedding ceremony photo in Maui, Hawaii

During the ceremony, Shelly and Adam experienced a brief shower that quickly passed. In Hindu culture, rain is seen as a gift from nature, believed to strengthen the bonds of marriage.

wedding ring exchange in Maui wedding

A Celebration of Family

The day was not just about Shelly and Adam but also a celebration of the family they were blending together. Shelly’s children’s presence added a special touch to the ceremony, their joy and excitement evident in every photo. The day was filled with love, laughter, and a sense of unity, from the boys’ cheers to the bridesmaid’s beaming smile.

Maui beach wedding at Ironwoods beach in Maui, Hawaii

Capturing Precious Beach Wedding Moments

As the ceremony progressed, Karma Hill Photography captured precious wedding moments. From Shelly and Adam’s first kiss as husband and wife to their joyous embrace under the sunset, each photograph told a story of love, joy, and togetherness. The couple’s attire harmonized beautifully with the natural surroundings, making each image a perfect blend of romance and nature.

We love these shots of the children below and with Adam above. Each child looks so happy and excited to have Adam as part of their family!

Maui beach wedding children's photos

Oh, this photo below is such a perfect snapshot of Shelly and Adam’s wedding day fun! As they share a sweet kiss on the beach, their kids couldn’t resist adding their own twist. Shelly’s daughter, in her beautiful coral dress, sticks out her tongue in mock disgust, holding her bouquet. Meanwhile, the boys, ever the comedians, bend over with exaggerated faces, acting like they’re about to get sick. It’s such a funny and heartwarming moment that really captures the fun-loving spirit of their family.

This photo of Shelly and Adam is absolutely breathtaking, with the waves gently rolling behind them. It’s the epitome of a perfect Maui beach wedding moment, worthy of a prime spot on the wall at home.

maui beach wedding with a rainbow
great beach wedding looks for weddings in Maui, hawaii

A Picture-Perfect Maui Wedding Memory

As the sun set, casting a golden glow over the beach, the couple shared a final kiss on the rocky cliffs of Ironwoods Beach. The dramatic scenery, combined with the couple’s love and the stunning photography, created a memory that will last a lifetime. The ocean waves, the rugged coastline, and the golden sunlight all came together to highlight the beauty of Shelly and Adam’s special day.

bride and groom with veil floating in the wind in Maui, Hawaii
hawaii beach wedding photo
beach wedding children in Maui
fun Maui beach wedding image

Shelly and Adam’s Maui beach wedding was a true celebration of love, family, and the magic of finding your soulmate. Their story, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Ironwoods Beach, is a reminder that true love is worth the wait and that the best moments in life are those shared with the ones we love the most. Thank you so much Shelly and Adam for letting us be a part of your beautiful wedding in Maui.


Time Of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Package: Your Elegant Wedding on the Beach Package #3 by Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Wedding Photographer: Samantha of Karma Hill Photography

Wedding Floral: Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet – Pastel by  Dellables

Maui Officiant: Derick Sebastian

Maui Beach Wedding Location: Ironwoods Beach

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