Sharing Favorites ~ Maria & Andrew’s Maui Beach Wedding

Maria and Andrew had been here several times and were happy their guests could enjoy the island they love so much for this Maui Beach Wedding! They even planned an itinerary for them to experience the road to Hana and a cruise on a catamaran together! Sounds like a blast to us 🙂 . And we just love how thoughtful this couple was in planning and sharing their special day with loved ones.

Signs from Above

Maria and Andrew wished for a little rain on their wedding day, and were so happy to have a few sprinkles drizzle on them during their ceremony! This was the first blessing from above, the second came after saying “I do” when our groom was standing by the ocean for a peaceful moment. He was actually talking to his best friend who passed away asking, “Show me a sign that you’re here, whether it be a turtle or a whale…” Literally minutes after, a rainbow appeared! It was such a beautiful sight and almost made us cry, so we are thrilled our sister company snapped a photo of it. See if you can spot it.

To end the evening, our newlyweds went to the Sea House Restaurant. It’s a place they always go when on the island and Maria loves the Mac Nut Crusted Fish there! So what better way to celebrate than with a favorite meal, plus they wanted to share another one of their favorite places with their guests. One thing’s for sure this is a a trip and wedding none of them will ever forget 🙂 . We know we sure won’t! Thank you, Maria and Andrew, for sharing your Maui Beach Wedding with us. Congratulations and Warm Aloha!

Maui Wedding Coordinator: Simple Maui Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Diana of Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Wedding Photographer: Cheynice of Karma Hill Photography

Musician: Oren of Barefoot Minded

Maui Minister: Rev. Kuya

Hair & Make-up: Our Bride’s Sister

Maui Wedding Floral: Custom Cascading Bouquet by Dellables

Maui Beach Wedding Location: Ironwoods Beach

Time of Day: Sunset

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October 4, 2019

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