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kahu earnest puaa on our blog!

Ernest was raised on the small island of Molokai, which is known as the friendly isle. He sure is a great ambassador for that island as he is one of the most warm hearted people you will meet!

Ernest infuses his ceremonies with Hawaiian culture and loves being a part of such a special day in a couples lives. He is also a well known musician and you might see him playing at a restaurant or venue on the island during your stay!

Kahu Ernest Pua'a

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REV. JOE MILES on our blog!

Reverend Joe Miles has a kind and gentle spirit, he believes the giving and receiving of the love we have for ourselves and each other is the greatest gift we have to offer. He is a long time Maui resident as well as a musician and father. 

 He loves creating custom ceremonies for each of his couples and can perform a variety of ceremonies from spiritual to religious to Hawaiian.  


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REV. KIMO KIRKMAN on our blog!

Kimo resides in Lahaina with his family. A dedicated family man, his favorite thing to do is play with all of the kids at his daughter's elementary school, where all the kids call him "Uncle."

Kimo opens every marriage ceremony with the blowing of the conch shell and performs a variety of ceremonies including: traditional Hawaiian, religious, non-religious.


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KAHU KAALEKAHI on our blog!

A Note from Kahu Kaalekahi:

All of my life experience and my passions have set me on a path to share my culture with others and to become a person that is in balance with the world around me. As I progress forward in my life's journey, I take with me the teachings of my people, remembering that we must look to the past so that we can face the future.  

Being present, sincere, genuine, and spiritually connected are what I value most! I strive to be accommodating and helpful to provide a most memorable experience that is inspiring and heartfelt. Through your ceremony I hope to relate the spiritual connectedness and the celebration of love that the two of you share. On your wedding day let it be genuine and distinctive, a day to be remembered and cherished. 

With love and respect, Kahu Kaalekahi


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REV. KUYA on our blog!

Reverend Robert "Kuya" Alamodin was ordained by the Universal Life Church. His acclaimed wedding ceremony fuses traditional Hawaiian elements such as the Oli Chant and use of the Pu (Conch Shell) with Christian and Universal Spiritual Principles that recognize the human divinity in us all. Reverend Kuya is known for his deeply empathic, soulful demeanor that rarely fails to moisten the eyes of the brides and grooms he is honored to marry. His easy and warmhearted style soothes even the most anxious couple's nerves. 


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Kahu Richardo on our blog!

Richardo Hanako'o was born and raised in Indonesian Orphanage. His spiritual journey started from the days of the discipline in the orphanage as a Jesuit student to that magical discovery of the greatness of the spiritual universe. It has given him the wonderful opportunities to help many with their own spiritual beginnings. He is a non-denominational minister and has a way of embracing and touching everybody with that joy and Aloha that is so special of Maui. He feels that the magical moment of your wedding ceremony must be a memory that last a life time.

Kahu Richardo Hanako'o

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